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Sony Xperia Z Root Achieved Before Official Release

Sony Xperia Z should be launched the next week in several markets, but developers have already started to find ways on how to root and install customization files.

The first time this Xperia Z model was announced was at CES 2013 and until now there is only confirmation for the official UK release date on the 28 February 2013. However, despite all that, the guys at XDA managed to create a full and working tool that you can use to root the Xperia Z even before its launch.

Rooting your Xperia Z can be done only if you’re device is running on an unlocked bootloader and it will allow you to install new custom ROMs. It seems like root can be achieved only for European devices as the Japanese one comes with a different software and you won’t be able to root it. DoomLord, an XDA developer and member, is the one who released the root before the official release.

Achieving root is not a hard task to complete. DoomLord said that the used the ramdisk for the CF-Auto-Root tool for Nexus and changed it a little bit so that it will work with the Sony Xperia Z. If you want to root your device then you can follow instructions at the XDA forums or you can follow the link at the end of this post where you’ll find our own tutorial guide on how to successfully root your device using the Xperia Z root files.

Rooted Xperia Z devices will open a whole new world of customization tools and components for users. If you want to get the best Android experience or in case you simply want to get rid of the Sony bloatware, then rooting is the ‘way to go’. If you’re a power-user and you want to root your device when it arrives to your door then you should return to our web site and then tell us in comments if it worked and if you’re phone works better when rooted.

Here you can find a tutorial guide on how to successfully root the Sony Xperia Z with DoomLord root tool. Test the guide and then leave a comment below.