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Sony Xperia Z Firmware Update Might Fix Sudden Death Bug

Even though the Sony Xperia Z hasn’t reached all the markets announced by the company at its launching event, the device is already receiving its first official software update. According to some of the European users of the Xperia Z, the company has developed an update that will boost the handset to version 10.1.A.434. The update can be installed on using the Sony PC companion application, but it looks like the update is not available for everyone, at least for now. Unfortunately, the Sony Xperia firmware upgrade is not available OTA and can be only installed via the Sony PC app.

However, according to some users, the update might pack fixes for some of the problems that were spotted on the device before, such as LED issues, security issues, and stability glitches, including one that caused smartphones to die suddenly. Sadly, it appears that the update isn’t meant to fix the slow camera start-up times of the smartphone.

It looks like the software upgrade is available for the C6603 version of the phone, although it’s possible that it could be rolled out for the 3G C6602 model of the Xperia Z, too.

We remind you that the “sleep of death” issue has cause a lot of trouble for the Xperia Z users who reported that their smartphone has been shutting down by themselves, without turning back on. It seemed that the only way to bring the device back to life is to perform a hard reset by holding the power button and the volume up at the same time. though this didn’t seem to always work. The problem was even bigger as nobody knew what caused the issue, which made it harder to diagnose the bug. Even though all of the Sony Xperia Z smartphones have been affected by this bug, the problem was very serious.

When asked about the matter, Sony responded that it will release a software that will fix the issue, which it did. To be honest, I didn’t expect that the update to be pushed so soon. Good job, Sony!

If more details about the firmware update released for the Sony Xperia Z appear, we will let you know. Also, if you are an Xperia Z owners and have install the update, tell us about it in the comment section below.

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