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Sony Xperia Z Now Available For Purchase In Europe

The Sony Xperia X is a high-end device that is highly expected by the general public and soon will be available on the worldwide markets. The smartphone was unveiled at this year’s CES, and it seems to bring the A game against all competitors. As it appears, the Xperia Z can already be purchased by the European users. Even though, the company said last week that the new handset will hit the shelves as of February 21st, it seems that it can be bough a little bit earlier.

This is not just an unconfirmed rumor, it’s the real deal as Sony Xperia France posted on their Twitter account that the Xperia Z is already available and can be ordered by anyone eager to get Sony’s latest handheld in their hands. So, if you are a fan of the brand, and live in France of course, you can get it right away.

I know that it’s two days earlier, but the official Sony Mobile France online store features the Sony Xperia Z as being available and in stock. Both white and black models of the device can be bought in exchange for €649.

However, it seems that the Sony Xperia Z will be available in one more color version (purple), but this version will only accessible at SFR.

The French are not the only ones who can buy the handset as the Xperia Z is on stock in other regions of Europe including Germany since yesterday. It looks like Sony wanted to surprise its customers my releasing the device earlier. Of course, if you make an order, the smartphone will probably will reach your destination on the 21st.

The Xperia Z isa pretty impressive phone, so no wonder people have expected it. Now, it’s time to get excited and go spend some money.