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Sony Xperia ZL Now Up for Pre-order in US, Priced $720

The little but as powerful brother of the Sony Xperia Z, the Xperia ZL is already available in regions like Australia, India and Russia. However, there are many countries that yet haven’t received confirmation that they will receive the device. It looks like the people living in North America don’t have much to wait until the smartphone will be released in their markets.

While the Canadians already know when the Xperia Z will be launched in their country and how much money they will have to pay for it,it’s time for the US citizens to receive the good news. That’s right, now we now the availability and pricing details of the Sony Xperia Z for the US market.

The good news is that the handsets will be available for purchase soon, but the bad news is that the last weeks rumor was accurate meaning that the Xperia ZL will be kind of expensive. The phone will be available on the Sony official online store. So, the Xperia ZL with 4G LTE capabilities will be sold for $759.99, while the HSPA+ variant is a little cheaper, $719.99.

There is no doubt that the Sony Xperia ZL is very expensive, especially if the rumors about the price of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will turn out to be true. If we are to believe them, then the Galaxy S4 will cost $579 or $650. Also, the HTC One is expected to be sold for maximum $700, so it seems that the Xperia ZL is way overpriced. Not that it isn’t a great smartphone, but the Galaxy S4 and HTC One are better,

Nevertheless, the mentioned price tags are just the MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail prices). The company claims that the Xperia ZL will be sold by other retailers, as well, that price will probably be smaller than the one Sony is charging.

Actually, the Xperia ZL will also be available at Amazon, online retailer which claims that it already has the smartphone in stock. Amazon will sell the 3G-only version of the Xperia ZL at $640. Amazon’s price isn’t so affordable either, but it’s getting closer to the true value of the device.

Returning to the Sony online store, the smartphone can be already pre-ordered and you can choose from three different color versions namely white, black and red. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t mention when the Sony Xperia ZL will stat shipping, but it’s expected that the users who make their pre-order now will receive the handset in early April.

Meanwhile, the Sony Xperia Z will also hit the US market soon. We don’t have pricing details yet, but it will cost more than the Xperia ZL, of course, which doesn’t sound so appealing. So, knowing how much the Xperia ZL will cost, are you still going to buy it?