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Specs Fight: Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8 vs Sony Xperia Z2 vs LG G3 vs Galaxy Note 4

Today we’re going to compare the most popular smartphones on the market with two devices that are expected to be released later this year. We’re doing this comparison because there have been a lot of leaks and rumors lately of the LG G3 and Galaxy Note 4, so we might have some information about them.

We’re going to compare the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z2 with the rumored specs of the LG G3 and Galaxy Note 4.


The three smartphones that are already on the market, Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and Sony Xperia Z2, all feature a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor. The Galaxy S5 has it clocked at 2.5 Ghz, while the others are at 2.3 Ghz.

The LG G3 might come with the same Snapdragon 801 CPU, because we don’t know if Qualcomm and LG can work together in order to use the upcoming 805 one. If the release date is in June, as some recent rumors are saying, then it will most likely come with the same processor used by the others, but if it will be released in September-October, we believe it will use the 805.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come with the Snapdragon 805, as its release date is most likely in September or early October. The 805 will be ready long before then and Samsung will be able to use it for their new phablet.


Most high-end flagships come with 2GB of RAM now, but we do have some exceptions. The Galaxy Note 3 came with 3GB last year, but between the three smartphones we are comparing now, only the Sony Xperia Z2 features 3GB, while the others pack only 2GB.

We don’t know what will LG decide with the G3, but we believe it will also come with 3GB, as the Xperia Z2. It depends very much on what the company decides it needs. Phone makers have to choose their hardware, while keeping the device at a decent price, so if they decide something else is more important than an extra gigabyte of RAM, then it will only have 2GB. We don’t think this is very important, though.

The Galaxy Note 3 features 3GB, so we are confident the Note 4 won’t come with less than that. But some rumors say it will come with 4GB, making it the first smartphone to feature that amount of RAM.


The GPU depends on SoC, so Snapdragon 801 means it will feature Adreno 330, while Snapdragon 805 sports an Adreno 420 GPU.

The Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, and Sony Xperia Z2 feature ADreno 330 GPUs. We don’t know which one will the LG G3 come with, because we’re unsure about what processor it will use, but we are confident the Galaxy Note 4 will feature an Adreno 420 GPU.

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  • Jeffrey Fazal

    My one week
    old Galaxy S5 is best in almost all specs whether I consider its 2.5 GHz processor
    or 2800mAh battery with availability of accessories like wireless charging
    based case that makes it compatible with qi wireless charger as I purchased
    the set of both from Amazon by CHOETECH. Other gadget that I am waiting for is Galaxy Note 4 which seems interesting according to its rumored specs.

  • I think HTC has shown A LOT of eggs in the basket, when it comes to what consumer gets, this device is really going to start a legacy in main stream support and directly from HTC because there are numerous features that are very future proof and open to suggestions/apps/tweaks, I’m talking about the depth-perception camera on the back, 5mp front camera, stereo speakers(may be possible to enhance with virtual surround by plugins, for example) blink feed, and now Dot View. HTC is really hitting the bulls eye, whether their stocks reflect it or not (yet), it doesn’t matter because hardware and software is extremely tweakable, not to mention, if you ever need more cpu power in 2 or more years, which I highly doubt, the metal body is designed to dissipate heat, leaving CPU overclocking a possibility – this is all just from what HTC is opening for developers. From customers end, right out of the box HTC let’s anyone really personalize their device – here we go: IR blaster – control ALL your remote controlled things like TV, receivers, etc x infinity, choose what off-screen finger gestures do for you, keyboard that can reason with multiple languages simultaneously, create your own camera (settings) from scratch, for your favorite activity, or time of day or theme and save it. There is no smartphone on EARTH offering longer life, more features, and such tweaking to the extreme, and offering so much out of the box.

  • Ari Ermawan

    1. FM Radio Hardware Built-in : Sony Z2, Yes ; Galaxy S5,

    2. Speakers : Sony Z2, Dual Channel (Stereo) ; Galaxy S5,Mono.

    3. Earphone : Sony Z2, Premium (Noise Cancelling) ; Galaxy S5,??

    4. RAM, Sony Z2, 3GB ; Galaxy S5, only 2 GB.

    5. Waterproof : Sony Z2, Level 8 ; Galaxy S5, level 7
    Note : IP58 is better than IP67 in regard to water resisting. The second digit refers to water.

    6. Battery : Sony Z2, 3200 mAh ;
    Galaxy S5, 2800 mAH

    7. Camera : Sony Z2, 20.7 MP & 4K Record; Galaxy S5, 16 MP

    8. Product Finish : Sony Z2, Premium ; Galaxy S5, ??
    9. SIM and Micro-SD card can be inserted or removed more easily. No backcover to
    deal with and need to remove the battery first..

    10. The position of both speakers are at the front, making it clearer to the
    owner rather than to others nearby.
    Samsung has finger print and download booster. Howeever : Do we really want to finger-print ourselves? Our data can be stolen or our phone can lost. It won’t lead us to jail, but could become a victim and take time & money to clear ourselves..
    Beware : Download booster uses Internet Data (3G or 4G), in addition to WIFI Access (Normally Free). If you unaware and then exceed your data limit then your phone bill can be very surprising.