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Sprint HTC Evo One Leaks Just Moments before its Official Release

HTC Evo One

One of the major Android manufacturers that gained its reputation with the move to the Google made OS has reached a major point in its development last year, as it has seen its salves drop for the first time in quite a big number of years. HTC put the falling interest in its devices on the sheer number of different named, but with similar hardware, devices it has pushed on the markets it is active. As of such, HTC has decided that 2012 will be the year they will return to their old politics of releasing a smaller number of devices with better specs and better quality. This is the whole idea behind the Taiwanese manufacture’s One series and as far as we can tell it has kept its word down to the very last detail. The most impressive device to launch in the One line is the HTC One X, or as Sprint would like to say: HTC Evo One.

While the hardware on the inside may be the same in both the HTC Evo One and in the HTC One X we dare to say that we prefer the design of the international version more. While the One X comes with a polycarbonate body of a single color, the Evo One will be made out of ordinary plastic in two colors. So far it is very hard to tell if the Evo One will come with a quad core NVIDIA Tegra 3 chipset or the similarly powered dual core Qualcomm S4 chipset found in the AT&T version. Other key differences include the usual red and black color accents and this Evo will mark the rebirth of the landscape kick stand. One other key difference is the fact that the Evo One will have a dedicated camera button, which might count heavily on its side versus the international version.

On the software side there should be no differences between either of HTC One X models available out there, so we can expect the Evo One to come with the same nice mix of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and the newer and lighter Sense 4.0.

You can check out the pictures below courtesy of an.droid-life.com and see if you like the new design or not, but one thing is for sure, there will be people out there would be tempted to buy this slightly modified version of the One X.

HTC Evo One

HTC Evo One

While some other hardware and pricing details are missing, we can safely assume that we will find out everything there is to know about the HTC Evo One by listening to what Sprint has to say in its press event just a couple of hours from now. Keep in mind that this press event is going to be held today at 5:30PM EST so keep a close eye for any more news.

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