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Sprint HTC One Getting Android 4.4 KitKat 4.06.651.9 OTA Update

Sprint officially announced today that their HTC One variant will soon be receiving a minor software update, which is still an Android 4.4.2 KitKat build.

According to the change log posted on Sprint’s website, the new Android 4.4 update for HTC One will arrive with “system stability improvements.” Since most of the new software features were packed in the previous Android 4.4.2 update for Sprint HTC One that was rolled out starting January 31, you shouldn’t be able to notice many changes after you install the new firmware version.

The new software update is labelled 4.06.651.9 and, according to sprint, it will become available for download for all their customers as of March 24.

As soon as the software update will be ready for your Sprint HTC One, you will receive a system update message in the notification area. All you need to do afterwards is tap on the notification, press the “Download” button, wait for the download to finish, then select “Install Now.” Your smartphone will restart and after the boot is complete you will be running 4.06.651.9.

Anyway, Sprint also recommends you to check for the update manually. In order to do so you must head to Settings > System updates > HTC Software update. There’s no mention on the size of the new firmware, but it’s recommended to download it using a stable WiFi connection.

Are there any Sprint HTC One owners among you? Did you guys receive the Android 4.4.2 KitKat 4.06.651.9 update? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Justin Miller

    Just randomly checked and the 4.06.651.9 update is available Ota on my Sprint htc one

    • Justin Miller

      Don’t see any changes yet everything seems to be working the same.

  • te504

    Just checked again and is ready

  • Brian Hoppes

    Got It. Thanks. 182.58MB

  • Wasted_Elmo

    i got it but i had to force check it not sure why it dont pop up on my notification even when checked to do so but i found out the silly way after finding out HTC corp updated their HTC one back up app on the play store its how i knew an update was released so i checked and there it was ahead of schedual i made a youtube video titled HTC one sprint update 4.06.651.9 4/21/14

  • Randy Kessler

    jusr downloaded it just this minute

  • Angela H

    My husband just received the update a moment ago.

  • got it!

  • Peter Strickland

    got it

  • sweetpea0818

    535.78mb is what mine says

    • sweetpea0818

      Oh and I got it today. It only takes about 5 minutes to download.

  • VoxPopper

    Ugh even after update they STILL haven’t fixed the WiFi turning on bug when plugging into charger (and subsequent battery drain).
    Anyone find a fix for this yet short of a mod?
    Aside from that a great phone.

    • Dubstep Dragon

      That’s probably just the sprint connections optimizer. Turn it off in the mobile data settings area

  • beth

    this update K I L L E D my battery life

  • LEVITICUS 18:22

    I cant believe how people are so excited to get an update for your phone. If your phone works why even update? Does anyone not know that you are loosing something? Like getting advertising in your voicemail!

  • LEVITICUS 18:22

    heres the hidden stuff your loosing with stupid updates, how about loosing the ability to tell apps what permissions they can use and not being able to have apps write to sd card?