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Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 update to Android 4.1.2 L710VPBMD4 Now Available

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Sprint variant got its first Jelly Bean 4.1.2 firmware update. Start checking the ‘System Update’s menu to see if the new software has been delivered to your smartphone.

The new Android 4.1.2 JB update brings the Multi-View support feature that allows you to split your smartphone’s screen in two. This is a multi-tasking tool that should enhance your Android experience. Also, the camera and the gallery applications have been greatly improved for better access. After the update is installed you will notice the Samsung Paper Artist app, which is a photo editing tool. Bulk SMS enhancements have been applied, too. More info about the update can be found at Sprint’s web site here.

In order to update your device, you will first need to find the Build number version of your device. Open Settings, scroll down to About Device and then check the info listed under Build Number. After you confirm that your device is running stock Android OS you will need to get back to the Settings menu, then open System Update. Open the Update Samsung Software menu and then tap the ‘Check Now’ button. Follow the instructions listed by your phone and that should help you finish the installation. In case you’re told that there is no new Firmware Update, it means that it wasn’t pushed for your device for the moment. Check the same menu in the next few days as you will surely receive the firmware update to Android 4.1.2 VPBMD4 ROM.

If you don’t check for the update manually, then you wait for the OTA Update to be sent to your device. You will get the update alert in the Notification panel of your Sprint Galaxy S3 device.

Note that your phone will receive the OTA Update only if it is 100% stock, as it won’t work with rooted device. Also, if your device is rooted and you wish to flash this update, then you should return to our website in a couple of days, as we will post a guide on how-to manually flash the firmware using ODIN app.

Did your Sprint Galaxy S3 receive the L710VPBMD4 Android 4.1.2 JB update? If it did, then tell us in comments your opinions after a few hours of testing.


  • robert Heckmann

    I have the note 2, which of course people know already comes with Android 4.1.2. I absolutely Love this operating system. Very easy to use, incredibly crisp, and above all no clinches to date so far. Everyone is gonna be receiving 4.2.2 around may-June just in time while android 5.0.0 hits the show floor. As everyone has been hearing the software features of the Galaxy s4, the GS3 and note 2 will have all those same features. But anyone have yet too here there plans with android 5.0.0. Is it gonna be another major update? Or are they already cooking a s5 or note 3? Or are they waiting to release the s4 and then update too confuse everyone trying to use it. Who knows

  • Michael W

    Just checked my Samsung Galaxy S3 and the firmare update has certainly been updated, absolutely great. I know this good website where you can purchase the Samsung Galaxy S3 at a good price. Go to MobileBought.com to find out now cause I don’t know how long their stock will last.

  • Chris

    Updated but phone gone bizarre. Rebooting every five minutes.

  • I think it works great, no issues as far as I can tell, very nice update if you ask me by Samsung/Sprint, love the S3, great phone. Im still unsure if to root or not tho. Ive rooted many previous phone but I never had a higher end phone like this so I dont know, but good update and no issues from my end.

  • danmr

    Please let me know when the update is available for a root phone, Thanks

  • Roger

    Got my update this morning and I must say that the multi-window mode is pretty cool. I did have to turn it off and on to get it to show up initially.
    Still having fun finding the other new stuff, but so far no issues at all!

  • firechick

    I got my update today and it fixed a couple problems I have been having and added a few features I like. Looks good so far!

  • jkadagy

    Just received my update this morning and all but one is working great. I don’t seem to have the notification panel option. I am with Sprint, has anyone else come across this issue?

    • Tracey T

      Same here…I installed the update this morning after being notified it was ready for install. I learned of the Notification Panel thru YouTube because I’m trying to learn the differences. Also, I’ve been having a steady issue of not being able to connect to my computer thru USB whatsoever. I’m at a complete loss and feel this shouldn’t be an issue with any phone. If you know of any helpful info regarding either issue, it would be fabulous of you to share…

      • Mike

        make sure your usb connection model as Media Device

  • Barts

    After the update I can no longer swipe a contact to make a phone call. I can swipe right to left for a message, but the left to right swipe for calls does not work. Anybody else have this problem? Sprint wants me to do a factory reset, but I don’t want to lose texts,etc if it isn’t going to fix the problem.

    • dlane

      I have the same issue

    • frank

      When you swipe ,place your finger on the contact name not the icon and it will work.

    • Carla

      When I swipe left, it prompts me to send a text; and when I swipe right, it calls my contact.

    • Cassidy

      I do not have this issue. In SMS and Contacts, I am able to swipe for call or message without any hiccups.

  • Swany

    Still looking for the tutorial for rooted phone….

  • Tracey T

    I don’t have the Notification Panel option in order to change what I would like displayed. My camera is acting weird, creating more albums, when I believe I simply took a picture like I normally would. Also, I’ve NEVER been able to connect my Samsung Galaxy S3 to my computer. It won’t recognize it, I can’t view any pictures or upload anything. If anyone has any answers, please let me know.

    • Adam S

      When you plug your phone into your computer, you should see an icon in your notification bar that represents a USB symbol. Click that and either choose MTP or PTP as a device sharing option. One or the other works. I have to change mine every now and again.

  • AS

    The latest software upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S3 includes a Bulk SMS Enhancement. I don’t see any differences, the factory install app still only allows you to text up to 10 numbers at a time. Can you explain the differences with the new update for the Bulk SMS Enhancement?….

  • jeffgeorge83

    Anyone havin issues with pixilation? On every app I use every photo is pixilated. I’ve resset the cache and deleted the ram and done a factor reset, even got a new galaxy s 3. Still comes back. This pixilation is killing my s3 experience, any help is appreciated.

  • steve

    hi to all can someone help me out i need to send bulk sms on my galaxy 3 and i only can send 10 at a time how can i send to more pls

  • frustratedinwesternnewyork

    I own a 2012 Ford Escape, and a Samsung Galaxy 3 that just received the firmware update. Now, voice commands on the sync system do not work unless – every time I start the Escape – I open the settings menu. From there I have to go to bluetooth settings, and then go to my device, and open it. I then have to check the box to use the media device (it has a earphone icon). The system works fine, then, until I turn off the Escape. I’ve to do this each time now.
    Quite frankly, I hate both Sprint and Samsung for ruining a perfectly fine setting.
    If someone has a fix please let me know as I have tried everything I could think.