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Samsung Galaxy S4 Sprint and MetroPCS Variants Spotted in FCC Logs

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is making its way to all important mobile operators worldwide. It won’t be long until the smartphone will be available for the general public as the international version of the Galaxy S4 has been already approved by the FCC and now the US version is next.

We’re talking about the Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 listed as SPH-L720, but also the MetroPCS model which is listed as SCH-R970. Both Sprint and MetroPCS versions of the Galaxy S4 include the same specs and both of them feature LTE and 3G connectivity. However, there is a small difference between the two variants.

It seems that the Samsung Galaxy S4 meant to head to Sprint will have support for global roaming. In other words, if you travel abroad where there is 3G connectivity available (let’s say Europe) you will be able to use the local HSPA networks. Unfortunately, that’s not the case of the MetroPCS version, but this one will come with support for a broader LTE network, though I don’t know how noticeable it will be for the daily usage.

Anyway, with the Sprint and MetroPCS versions of the Galaxy S4 passing the FCC, there won’t be much longer until the models of the other US carriers will get the commission’s approval. We expect that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be up for pre-order at all US mobile operators starting next month.

The manufacturer itself said at the Unpacked event that the Galaxy S4 will be available for purchase at the end of April. It seems that the US version of the smartphone will be launched in the same period of time as the international model.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be firstly available in the UK on April 26. A few days after, the device will be offered by T-Mobile in the United States. The mobile network announced that the Galaxy S4 will be provided for its customers as of May 1. T-Mobile will sell the handset without a contract and the customers will have to pay only $99, though further monthly payments will be required.

Now, it’s up to you to choose the carrier that fits you best. It depends of the serviced offered by each one in your region.

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