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CyanogenMod Founder, Steve Kondik, Leaves Samsung, Talks up Galaxy S4

Two years we were hearing that┬áSteve Kondik, the founder of CyanogenMod, one of the most popular Android custom ROMs, was hired by Samsung to work for the team that develops the South Korean’s proprietary UI, TouchWiz. Well, today we are hearing that Steve Kondik will leave the South Korean phone market, but not before talking up the Samsung Galaxy S4.

In 2011, when Steve Kondik was hired by Samsung, the CyanogenMod founder made the announcement on his official Facebook page, and, at that time we were hoping that Samsung will roll out the Android updates much faster. We also hoped that Steve Kondik will also improve the TouchWiz user interface, bringing it closer to Android Vanilla, but it didn’t happened.

The announcement that Steve Kodink will leave Samsung team was announced by a Google Plus post, where the software engineer is also sharing his positive thoughts about the Samsung Galaxy S4.

At a quick glance you would say that the post is all about Galaxy S4, but, out of nowhere you will find out that Kondik announces he will leave Samsung. Even though Cyanogen talks in high spirits about the Samsung Galaxy S4, saying he got to spend “some quality time” with it, he also says that the TouchWiz user interface feels old, and that somehow reminds about the Froyo era, rather than a modern software. I totally agree!

Do you think that now that Kondik leaving Samsung is sad news for the UI of the South Korean brand, or good news for the CyanogenMod team?

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