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Sundar Pichai: Samsung Galaxy S6 Will Still Run Android

Sundar Pichai, Google Head of Android, Chrome, and Gapps, talked to journalists at Mobile World Congress 2014 to address several of the matters that made the headlines over the past couple of months. Among others, Pichai talked Google’s relationship with Samsung, assuring us that the Galaxy S6 will still run Android.

The Google exec said that the relationship between the Mountain View-based company and Samsung is actually “more boring than it looks,” suggesting that there’s no tension between the two companies. Still, Pichai said that he would have liked Samsung’s new smartwatches to run Android instead of Tizen. As I was mentioning above, he confirmed that the Galaxy S6 will still come pre-loaded with Android, adding that Google and Samsung are still collaborating on new projects.

Sundar Pichai also talked about the rumors saying that Google had entered a bidding war with Facebook over the WhatsApp deal, saying that the company he works for never bid for the instant messaging service.

Regarding Nokia’s new X Android-powered smartphones who don’t feature Google services, Pichai feels that it’s further proof that Google’s mobile operating system is indeed open.

Sundar Pichai even talked about the next-gen Nexus smartphone and, without giving any exact details about it, he said that we shouldn’t expect the Nexus 5 sequel to be introduced on the market sooner than the second half of the year. In fact, there’s no surprise here, given that the last three Nexus smartphones (Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, and Nexus 5) were all announced in October and released on the market in November.

As about Android security, the Google senior vice president said that the operating system was designed to be open, not free. Pichai added that all the malware attacks directed towards Android are because Google’s mobile operating system has the biggest number of users, being the most popular in the world.

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