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SwiftKey 3 Beta short review and first impressions

SwiftKey 3 beta has been recently released and it comes with some impressive features, a new design and two new themes. Unfortunately it’s only available for VIP users, but there are some mirrors to directly download the apk.

The app is now more powerful than ever and it tries to make the spacebar obsolete, managing to eliminate omitted spaces, thanks to a new feature called Smart Space. We gave it a try and the Smart Space is really doing a great job, especially considering it’s still in a beta phase. So probably the final version will be much better. Although the app manages to eliminate spaces between words, it comes with a bigger spacebar so you don’t mis-tap it anymore.

Along with the new features, SwiftKey 3 supports 7 new languages: Korean, Estonian, Farsi, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Serbian.

During the testing I have been very satisfied of the new version and it does work much better than the old one, being more precise and easier to type using it. The few bugs SwiftKey X had now seem to be gone and in the 24 hours of testing it has been flawless.

Smart Space does exactly what it says, though it always does not separate 5 or more words, so space has to be pressed after every 2-3 words, but this will probably be improved in the final version. I have to agree with SwiftKey’s developers when calling the app the best of the best auto-correction.

To understand better what we are talking about you can watch the video below. Also you will find the apk download links below the video !

Download SwiftKey 3 beta apk to give it a try yourself.