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SwiftKey Flow Beta Reaches Update Build, Full Version Release Date Draws Closer

The SwiftKey Flow beta got a new update and it has reached version and it brings numerous fixes and improvements that should establish it as one of the best ever Android applications. It is already the most popular Android keyboard replacement app and its SwiftKey 3 version has been downloaded and installed 5 million times.

The full version of SwiftKey Flow should be ready for a release in the near future and until then you can try the Beta variant to get accustomed to all features and functions. There aren’t too many problems with the Beta Flow but, if you’re using a previous version then you should update the app using the APK download link in this post, as it will fix all the small bugs and errors. Also, if you’ve never used / tested SwiftKey then this would be the best time for you to install it, as the Flow feature is something that will make composing mails, instant messaging, sending SMS, using Google search easier and faster.

You can install the SwiftKey Flow beta for both Android phones and tablets. Use the download links below to get the app on your Android device:

Download SwiftKey Flow Beta APK for phones here.

Download SwiftKey Flow Beta APK for tablets here.

The new beta update comes with tons of bug fixes: fixed crash when changing between keyboards, fixed a force closing error when clicking update language, fixed several other crashes, better punctuation for non-English languages, added a new installer appearance that shown an introduction for SwiftKey flow, Chrome beta now is behaving like Chrome, Snap and tap is now compatible with Vietnamese, reduced memory usage of setting app, added a new turkish layout, replaced ‘learnt’ with ‘learned’ in the US English personalization page and many other more fixes.

Despite all the new fixes and tweaks, there are still some know issues such as these: flowing words sometimes result in weird word capitalization, ‘No SD card’ ribbon looks bad on low end Android devices, comma key on Arabic keyboard inserts a western comma, predictions sometimes blank when switching between languages.

Download and install the SwiftKey Flow beta and test it until the final version is launched. Tell us in comments if you like typing using SwiftKey Flow beta, SwiftKey 3 or you prefer the stock Android keyboard.