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Google Play Store Now Includes Swype

After Nuance has updated the Swype application by adding a few new keyboards and a couple of new functions and enhancements, the software company has finally made the app available on Google’s Play Store. The application comes with a free trial possibility and at a very low price. In case you like the application you can get it via Play Store for only $0.99, but you should hurry up because the offer is limited and the and eventually Swype will cost more than one dollar. Nuance has not specified yet how much it will cost after the current special offer will end, nor for how long it will be offered at $0.99.

In case you have never user the Swype keyboard app, you can get the free trial version, which will allow you to use it for 30 days in order to figure out if it’s worth the money or not. I think that a month is more than enough to try the app out, after which you can either purchase the full version or uninstall it if you are not satisfied with it. As I said, this new version of Swype comes with a set of new features and improvements.

The Android users who will grab the app will get to utilize two new keyboards, namely Arctic and Holo. If we add this two to the already existing one you will have 13 keyboards to choose from. Also, the company has updated the Living Language Dialect, which now has support for twenty different dialects. The company says that the Australian users will be able to find local words automatically added for certain expressions (brekky instead of breakfast, for instance).

If you are among those who use the Dragon Mobile Assistant, you will be happy to hear that Nuance has added a new shortcut that allows you to pull up the personal assistant by dragging your finger from the Swype key to the Dragon Flame.

The Executive Vice President of the company stated that they thought it’s the best time to expand the usage of the application by making it available on the Play Store. He added that the beta version of Swype has had a lot of success among the Android users and now more people will be able to enjoy the best keyboard application on the market.