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System Tuner Pro Android App allows users to Record and Monitor Activities on their Phones

System Tuner PRO Android App

System Tuner PRO is an Android tool that allows users to manage and record the activities of all the Android services and the applications currently installed on your Android device. In this article you will learn more about it and how to properly use it for an improved smartphone experience.

Basically, the System Tuner Pro is an Android system manager which used wisely it can improve the overall performances of your device. However, it is a paid application but it costs only $4.79 but it comes with tons of tools and features that should come handy for hardcore Android enthusiasts.

The application’s developing team tells us that it is one of the most complete system tool and it can be used to record and monitor all Android activities, backup and restore applications, it can be used as a task killer, logcat reader, CPU, SD and memory managers, terminal emulator etc. Also, it packs widgets and notification functions that will alert you every time something is wrong and some part of your Android device needs adjustment.

For it to work correctly your device needs to allow it to access WiFi, Phone, bluetooth and the GPS functions, as these will help the app record the phone state. It uses only a small amount of battery and if you’re unsatisfied with it you can easily uninstall it.

There are several main functions packed within its interface. These are: task manager, extended task manager, application manager, activity manager, activity recorder, logcat reader, terminal emulator and the Notifications and Widgets settings.

Task Manager allows you to view all the current active applications along with enhanced statistics that will give you a better image on how the CPU, RAM and SDcard usage are managed by your phone. Also, you can use it to tweak some of this parts, but you need to be an advanced user as you might damage the phone if you set incorrect actions. There are several other functions such as Killa All, CPU Time, System, Excluded and Kernel. The Kill All option when pressed will disable and stop all Android apps that are consuming battery at that time. This helps your battery life and it should last longer.

Startup Manager is another part of System Tuner Pro and it allows you to take control over multiple applications on your phone. It packs multiple other functions like one click, user, startup app managing and backup. The Startup option allows you to clear or change the Android Startup applications.

This part of the program is great as you can use it to see which application are launched immediately after the phone powers ON, which means that those users who are experiencing slow boot starts on their Android phones can easily remove these apps from launching before the home screen is loaded. It will make your phone run and boot faster.

LogCat Reader is a feature that permits you to save, remove and reload activity logs for your Android phones.

Terminal Emulator is a feature that resemble the Windows command prompt tool and you can use it to add command line and run different tasks on Android. This function is great and you might need it from time to time when installing and flashing new ROMs.

System Tweaker gives you a general insight of your phone’ system and it can be used to configure auto-kill settings and terminate the apps that are consuming your battery power the most.

Settings is the program’s area that allows you to change settings for your Android home screen, display settings, notifications, task manager, active tweaks, widgets, auto kill etc.

These are mostly all the functions comprised within System Tuner PRO. If you wish to install it, then you should visit its Google Play Store page and but it from there. Please note that it costs $4.79 and it might seem to be a little bit high, but considering what it has to offer and the abundance of functions you’ll get after paying it and starting to tweak the changes, it is a deal. If it could, your Android phone would thank you for installing this app.