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T-Mobile Galaxy S3 LTE Release Date Is March 27

T-Mobile is gathering new devices to offer its customers in the spring. There is one smartphone that has been confirmed to come to the 4th largest carrier in the US, meaning the Galaxy Exhibit, also known as the Galaxy S3 Mini. This is not all as for the TMo customers who want to purchase a handset with LTE support, there is also good news.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE will be heading to T-Mobile in the near future. According to a leaked screenshot reported by Tmonews, the Galaxy S3 LTE will be launched by the carrier in the following months, either March 27 or April 3. Unfortunately, details about the device’s pricing are not available yet. Another aspect that is not clear yet, is how the carrier will sell the Galaxy S3 LTE. There are two possibilities: either T-Mobile will stay focused on its new selling strategy and offer it at full retail price, or the handset will be sold for a subsidized price.

However, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will not be the only LTE gear that will be sold by TMo in the months to come because rumor has it that the BlackBerry Z10 will hit its shelves as well. This phone will also be released on March 27 alongside the iPhone, according to some sources familiar with the matter.

When you decide to buy yourself a new smartphone it’s always better to have multiple options to choose from, and it looks like T-Mobile is delivering the whole package. However, people who have a little more patience than the rest, could opt to wait a bit longer until the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be launched.