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T-Mobile Galaxy S5 Price Rumored

Galaxy S5 has been the most expected Android smartphone at MWC 2014. Even though the expectations were high Samsung managed to unveil an interesting device, though the S5 is not how most of us hoped. Of course the smartphone is coming with high end specs and features and with some other improvements, but for now devices like the Xperia Z2 or even Nexus 5, seem to be better alternatives.

Of course the Galaxy S5 price, which is currently unavailable, will be the main factor that will decide if the S5 will be appreciated by the Android customers or not. In that matter, a new rumor has been leaked, stating that the T-Mobile offer will be somewhere around $672. As we know, T-Mobile will release the Samsung Galaxy S5 during April (go here and read more about that), while pre-registers are being already available through T-Mobile’s official website.

Anyway, the $672 price tag has been leaked by a user who has spotted the T-Mobile offer while trying to sign in on the Galaxy S5 pre-register section. Of course, now the leaked offer is nowhere to find, so we can only presume that T-Mobile Galaxy S5 will be released on a price tag of $672. That might be just true as currently the Galaxy S4 is being sold for $624 – T-Mobile will probably discount the S4 price as soon as the Galaxy S5 will be officially announced.

If you are on a budget, then the T-Mobile offer will be way too expensive for you. Do remember that the Nexus 5 can be anytime bought for only $399 and it might represent the best alternative you can choose in term of performances and also design. But if you want to test Samsung’s latest accomplish and buy the Galaxy S5 from T-Mobile, or from any other US retail, wait until the official press release is being revealed. Until then, prices like the $624 leaked one represents only rumors (another rumor is stating that the phone will cost only $400, which is more silly than credible), so don’t rely too much on these kinds of details.

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