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T-Mobile Galaxy S5 Release Date Rumored, Pre-Registers now Available

MWC 2014 turned out to be a real news feeder for all the Android fans out there. Of course the most debated subject is now the Samsung Galaxy S5 release, the phone being also officially revealed at MWC. Galaxy S5 will arrive in US during the following months, so if you are planning in buying this Android smartphone, stay close as all the retails will announce the official press release soon. T-Mobile for example is among the first retail to open a pre-register section where the users can sign in for receiving the first info related to the S5 launch date and pricing offers.

Unfortunately, Galaxy S5 will arrive to T-Mobile only in April so if you want to test Samsung’s latest flagship sooner, you should head your attention towards another provider. So far T-Mobile hasn’t announced which the SGS5 price will be or the exact release date on that matter. Also, it is unclear whether the retail will be carrying both the 16 GB and the 32 GB models of the handset or only one of these variants. Unfortunately, the 16 GB model is not that good considering that the S5 ROM is taking more than 8 GB of space.

Also Galaxy S5 is more like an epic fail for most of the users who were expecting something really impressive from Samsung, as the device isn’t really coming with notable changes – of course there are high end specs and features along with an improved design, but still it might not be enough. For example, some users had already declared that the LG G3 is sounding more appealing than the Galaxy S5, while some are being interested more in Sony’s recently revealed Xperia Z2.

Anyway, if you are planning in buying the S5, then as I have already pointed out, T-Mobile will release the Android device sometime during April. The price tag isn’t yet known, though further info will be soon revealed. Anyway, you can anytime pre-register on T-Mobile’s official website for receiving news about the Galaxy S5. Also, don’t forget about us either as we will be the first to update you with fresh info as soon as something new is being announced or leaked.

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