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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 Getting Official Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OTA Update

It looks like today is update-your-Android-phone-day. After we’ve told you that both Galaxy Note 2 N7100 and Galaxy Note 2 LTE N7105 received Android 4.3, that T-Mobile is pushing Android 4.2 to Xperia Z, and that the Verizon Moto X will be first smartphone to officially receive Android 4.4, now we hear that T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S3 T999 is getting updated to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

Even though Android 4.4 KitKat is the latest Android version, there are still a lot of high-end smartphones stuck on Android 4.2 or Android 4.1. Fortunately, some of them are already receiving Android 4.3, while others, will hopefully get it over the next couple of weeks.

Considering that over 50 million Galaxy S3 units were sold globally, Galaxy S4’s predecessor is still an important smartphone for the Korean company, so getting the latest software updates comes natural.

As I was mentioning above, the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 T999 is getting updated to Android 4.3 T999TUVUEMJC  as we speak. As for the LTE variant, the T999L, the Android 4.3 update will be released in several days. Hopefully, the 4.3 issues that held back the international update are Exynos-specific.

If you haven’t received the Android 4.3 update on your T-Mobile Galaxy S3, it’s because this is a staged roll out, so not all T-Mobile users will get the new software at the same time. Still, if you want to manually check whether the update is available for your device, you must go to Settings > About Phone > Software Update > Check for Updates. You can also check for the T999TUVUEMJC update by connecting your S3 to KIES via USB cable.

You should also know that the Android 4.3 update for T-Mobile Galaxy S3 weighs 486MB, so if you go for the OTA method, we are advising you to download it using a WiFi hotspot.

The Android 4.3 update is set to bring a lot of goodies to the T-Mobile Galaxy S3, including the S4/Note 3 user interface, tabbed layout for the Settings menu, TRIM support, Galaxy Gear support, Samsung KNOX, Daydream, lockscreen widgets, actionable notifications, Quick Settings in Notifications area with customizable toggles, and many other such treats.

Did you receive the Android 4.3 update today or are you still waiting for it?