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T-Mobile to release a truly unlimited 4G data plan

T-Mobile is rumored to release an unlimited data plan in their struggle to grab a bigger market share. It seems like the plan will be nearly unlimited, as tethering is not included, though other plans are available with tethering included.

The unlimited 4G data plan will be priced at $30 for Classic Plan and $20 for Value Plan. Other plans with tethering included are as following: $65 ( $55 for Value Plan ) with 10GB of data and $35 ( $25 ) with 5GB. While everyone loves unlimited data, it might be a turn off for those who really need tethering, though people have always found a way to bypass the carriers’ limitations.

Hopefully we will see these kind of offers from other carriers too in order to compete with T-Mobile’s one.

Unlimited 4G can be very useful, especially for those who travel a lot. The 4G network can even compete with cable internet at speeds, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to watch HD content or download bigger files on your mobile device.

Also most high-end smartphones released in the last couple of years come with 4G on-board, so if you own one or plan on getting one, you will be able to enjoy the unlimited high speed without a hassle.