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How to Take LG G Pro 2 Screenshot

Taking a screenshot on your LG G Pro 2 is easy, as this operation can be performed without using any custom app. As you know the Android system is great, the OS being optimized for touch and portable devices. Due to same reasons on Android we have numerous in built features that can be used for managing our daily tasks, whether we are talking about fun activities or about our work schedule. In that matter, you have to learn how to take a screenshot on your LG G Pro 2, this being one of the most used feature on any Android device.

So, if you are a newbie, or if you haven’t used the screenshot feature until now, you can easily follow and apply the steps from below for learning how to take a snapshot screenshot. By using the two methods described during the following guidelines you will be able to take screenshots when playing games, watching movies, taking pictures, listen to music, or even when using a tool or when working on your project. All this is possible thanks to the Android system which is offering this great feature that is also included on your LG G Pro 2.

As mentioned, for taking screenshots on your G Pro 2 you can use two methods; I will describe both procedures so you can choose which to use on your own Android smartphone – of course you can anytime test both operations in order to see which one is better. Now do note that this guide is compatible with the G Pro 2, which means that on other Android devices, the steps from below might not work as expected.

How to Take LG G Pro 2 Screenshot

Use your LG G Pro 2 Hardware Buttons

  1. Run the app you want or perform any activity on your LG G Pro 2.
  2. In order to take a screenshot just press and hold Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time.
  3. At some point the screen will flicker and you will hear the capture sound; well then you can release the keys.
  4. You can access your screenshot by going to your Gallery or by sliding down the G Pro 2 notification panel.

Use a third party app

If the above method isn’t on your taste and if you want to try something else instead, then I recommend you to use the QuickMemo app. This tool is available for free on Google Play and can be safely used on your LG G Pro 2 as it is working without lags or bugs. Anyway, here is how you can use QuickMemo for talking screenshots on your G Pro 2 – you can download the tool from here.

  • Just use the app, or process you want to capture.
  • Then slide down the Notification panel and head over to Quick Settings menu.
  • There you should have the QuickMemo icon.
  • Tap the QuickMemo icon once and that’s it – the screenshot has been saved on your Gallery.

So that’s how you can easily take screenshots on your LG G Pro 2. It’s easy and can be performed by all the Android users; anyway, if you have questions or if you can’t manage to apply the steps from above, don’t hesitate and use the comments field from below and we will assist you as soon as possible.

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