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How to Take Screenshots on Nokia 8

Nokia 8 is one of the best Android based devices released this year. With a premium look and high end specs and features the Nokia 8 promises a great Android experience regardless of what operations and processes you plan to run on your phone. And, since the pure Android firmware comes pre-loaded, this device might become the perfect solution for many Android users. Anyway, if you already own it, it’s time to learn how to complete the basics.

During our recent tutorials we showed you how to enter recovery mode, how to access the fastboot environment and how to initiate a hard reset, all essential Android operations that can be easily completed on the Nokia 8. Well, today we will detail another similar procedure: taking screenshots. Yes, even if it sounds like an intuitive operation, if you are new to the Android platform or if you are an entry level user, you might have troubles while trying to screen capture something with your Nokia 8.

And, who knows, maybe you want to find more ways in which the screenshot feature can be initiated on the Nokia 8 – yes, during this step by step guide you can learn all the methods that can be applied for taking instant screenshots on your new Android based device.

A screenshot can be extremely useful as it can help you smartly manage different situations. For example, you might have to screen capture your Nokia 8 at work for sharing something important with your colleagues. You can also take a screenshot when playing a new game and share it afterwards with your friends through different social media environments. And you can screen capture a certain soft related problems and share it on dedicated forums in order to receive further assistance. It’s just up to you; bottom line, taking and using screenshots is both fun and useful.

Completing this operation can be done without using third party apps or other similar programs. The screenshot feature is built-in within the Android core system that runs on your Nokia 8. So, you can initiate this feature without problems anytime you want to. It’s fast, easy and secured. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything: you are completing an official process and you just have to use default settings.

Additionally, you can take a screenshot on the Nokia 8 by using the following methods even if you tweaked your device. Shortly, the lines from this tutorial are compatible with rooted or locked systems, with stock or custom Android ROMs, with stock or custom recovery images, with locked or unlocked bootloader and so on.

You should ensure a minimum of power before taking a screenshot – if the power is too low your smartphone might get turned off right after you complete this task. So, only if required (if, let’s say the power is lower than 15%) plug in the charger before doing anything else.

How to Take Screenshots on Nokia 8

Method 1

  1. Power on your device.
  2. Access the screen from where you want to initiate the screenshot.
  3. Press Volume Down and Power / Lock Button at the same time.
  4. You will hear the shutter sound and the screen will flash.
  5. Your screenshot will be ready for use.
  6. Note: this method might require some practice so don’t panic if you cannot get it right from your first attempt.

Method 2

  1. Go to the screen from where you want to complete this task.
  2. Slide down the notification bar on your Nokia 8.
  3. Tap on Screenshot Toggle.
  4. That’s all; the screenshot will be automatically saved.

Method 3

  1. Access the window that you want to screen capture.
  2. Press Volume Up and Power keys at the same time for about 2 seconds.
  3. That should be all.

Method 4

You can use a third party app from Google Play for completing this operation. For example, you can download the Quick Memo software on your Nokia 8. Just install the tool and tap on its icon when you want to take the screenshow. That should be all.

Final thoughts

The methods from above can be used for taking screenshots on Nokia 8. If you want to learn other things or if you need our further assistance for completing similar processes, don’t hesitate and contact us. You can get in touch with us easily by using the comments field from down below or by filling up our ‘contact us’ form.