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Temple Run 2 for Android Is Now Available in Google Play Store

Temple Run 2 the successor of the popular title for mobile operating systems, Imangi Studios’ Temple Rum, is now available in Google Play Store. Based on the same successful recipe that inspired many other game developers, as well, the Temple Run 2 will definitely become one of the best titles of the genre, with many more millions of downloads to follow.

Temple Run 2 is available for iOS since last week. At that time it was rumored that the title will hit the Android Play Store some time in early February. Sooner than it was initially anticipated, Temple Run 2 is now officially available for the Android platform.

Already downloaded by a large number of users, the title gathered a lot of positive reviews and you should definitely try it, too. Temple Run 2 is about 32 MB of fun and the guys at Imangi Studios will definitely come up with some updates that will further expand its content.

Temple Run 2 comes with graphics superior to the first tile, you will bump across new power-ups, while the menu user interface is more detailed, providing a pleasant experience.

I’ve tried the new title of the franchise myself, and after a couple of runs you get used to the new gameplay. The game mechanics are the same swipe up and down for jumping and sliding and left or right for turning. Anyway the the overall experience is a bit trippy, so I wouldn’t recommend you to play it while you’re drunk, not that I had played it while being drunk.

Temple Run 2 is Available for free in Google Play Store and you can download it by following this link.