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Temple Run: Oz Available on Play Store

Temple Run is one of the most popular Android game on Google Play as it is even worthy to be a competitor of Angry Birds. It looks like after Temple Run 2 (which was released a while ago), the partnership between Disney and Imangi Studios brings us another one. The game is related to the movie Oz the Great and Powerful and it’s named Temple Run: Oz.

This means that you have the possibility to run like crazy on the yellow brick wall and make contact with the well-known dark forests. Temple Run: Oz is very similar to the test of the games in the series, and most of the action  consists of swiping and leaning your Android handset guiding the character safely though the featured obstacles.

Just as Temple Run: Brave, this version also comes with a unique function that separates it from the other iterations. While in Temple Run: Brave you were allowed to shoot at stuff, Temple Run: Oz offers the possibility to ride a balloon. From the moment you get aboard the balloon, all you have to do is lean the device left and right in order to collect coins. The part when the character is aboard the balloon is far more relaxing than when you have to run and dodge obstacles all the time.

Even though the game is somehow inspired by the movie, don’t think that it will feature the same storyline. Of course, there is a certain connection between the Disney movie and Temple Run: Oz, but the whole experience will be the same as in the previous games of the series (there are no real objectives, nor a story).

Temple Run: Oz is already available on Google’s Play Store. It’s not free of charge, but it’s not expensive either, costing only $0.99. There are also various in-app purchases, apart from the game itself.

Considering that the game won’t empty your pockets, you might want to give it a try. However, if you’re tired of the gameplay, you should consider ignoring it because it won’t bring anything new besides balloon flying.