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The Codenames of the First Tizen OS Smartphones Leaked

This year will be very interesting for the smartphone segment, as a lot of new mobile operating system saw and will see the light of day in 2013. It all started with BlackBerry 10 OS in early 2013, then Firefox OS came next, followed by Ubuntu Touch, and now we are eager to see the first Tizen OS-powered smartphones in action.

Samsung is working hard to develop the new platform in collaboration with Intel and today we get to see the first two codenames for the terminals that will result from the newly formed alliance.

It seems that the first Tizen OS handset will debut in the second quarter of the year, or the latest in Q3. So far we were associating these Samsung devices with codenames like GT-I8800 and GT-I8805 and there were some rumors saying that it will have technical specifications similar to the Galaxy S.

Thanks to some documents from Tizen Store Sammobile discovered codenames like Redwood and Melius for the first terminals that will be running on the new operating system.

Samsung Redwood aka GT-I8805 will be a high-end model with 4G LTE, while Melius will be a mid-range handset.

We are eager to see what Intel processor will be hidden under the hood of the new models, and my guess is that the high-end model will sport a dual-core Clover Trail+ chipset.