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The Mysterious Samsung Smartphone Was Actually a Galaxy S4 Prototype, Not the Galaxy Note 3

Do you remember the alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 3 prototype that made the headlines last week? Well, it seems that the source that posted the leaked photo wasn’t right as the device caught on camera wasn’t the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but just a Galaxy S4 prototype.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 prototype was designed exclusively for developers, just like the BlackBerry Z10 had the Alpha prototype and the Nokia N9 had the N9-00.

It’s not unusual for the developer prototypes to look different than the final version of the smartphone, because the people that test the hardware and software are receiving the models way ahead of the release date, and they might be tempted to post pictures of them on the web.

The the leaked picture hit the web for the first time many though that it is better looking than the Galaxy S4 and that Samsung will finally dropped the design language that was introduced a last year when the SGS3 saw the light of day. Anyway, the prototype looks more like a Lumia and less with the latest devices of the Galaxy S and Note line up.

Anyway there have been some reports saying that the Galaxy Note 3 will no longer follow the design language of the flagship launched ahead of it. Some sources even mentioned that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will ditch the plastic case for a metallic body and that the next-gen Samsung phablet will come with a flexible display that will make it more resistant to damage.

Do you believe that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will come with a new design and new materials for the body or will it stick to the design language introduced earlier this year by the Samsung Galaxy S4? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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