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The new iPhone 5 disappointed Apple fan guys, pleased the Android audience

The long wait is now over and I believe everyone has been eager to see the new iPhone 5, Apple’s last creation. As we all know, the iPhone has been a wonderful device, though Apple lacks innovation recently, so people headed towards the competition, which is Samsung mostly.

The new iPhone 5 doesn’t come with impressive hardware, as many were expecting and it seems like most rumors proved to be true. It’s easily surpassed by its Android competitors in terms of hardware and there aren’t also any new features that can make you say “wow!”.

We were really hoping that the rumors aren’t true and Apple will manage to create a better device, with a totally different design, though it seems like our hopes have been ruined.

The iOS 6 is, just like the iPhone 5, a slight improvement over the older version. It doesn’t come with any awesome feature, so Android fans can calm down, ours is still better than theirs.

The iPhone 5 features an A6 processor, which is dubbed to be twice as faster as the old A5 CPU, a 4-inch 1136×640 display, 8MP camera, 802.11 a/b/g/n dual-band WiFi, and LTE.

We will soon make some head to head comparisons between Apple’s new iPhone 5 and its Android competition, including the Galaxy S2, S3, Note, Note 2, HTC One S, One X, and a few more from other phone makers. Though I doubt it will be able to surpass many of them, especially the one running on Jelly Bean.


  • Luke

    I agree. Android has many more options than the iPhone, The new iPhone doesn’t even have NFC which most new phones are getting. I have the HTC One x and I would buy this phone over iPhone 5 (or any iPhone for that matter) any day

  • Lame-o

    Let me start by saying that I love creativity and I despise blind brand loyalty. I currently use Android, but I ditched work today to watch the live blog because I really, really wanted to see what Apple’s creativity would produce. And I really, really wanted Apple to do something amazing. I could not have been more disappointed. Is this the best that a firm like Apple can do?

    It seems like they are going to focus on the iPad since that is their bread and butter. But wait until the Microsoft Surface is released and then watch iPad market share start to dwindle.

    If you watch the video at apple.com you will hear that design guy saying that they can’t deviate much since people are hooked on their current design. That is kind of like saying, for example, “We are Ford, and we know you all want small cars, so we are not making any more SUV’s or trucks.” This release is a real test of user loyalty for the iSheep. When will Apple learn that they have to stop being a hardware firm? That business model is so 20th century.