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There are now 1.3 million Android devices activated daily with a total of 480 million

Eric Schmidt has just made some announcements today, at the Motorola event in New York. It seems like the Android ecosystem is still growing very fast and now there are over 1.3 million devices activated daily and this month total activations should reach 500 million.

According to Schmidt, there have been over 480 million Android devices activated yet, though tablets represent a tiny share of them. While he didn’t declare how many Android tablets have been activated until now, he stated that 70,000 are being activated daily, which makes nearly 5.4% of all Android devices.

It seems like the Nexus 7 haven’t been able to accelerate Android’s growth on the tablet market very much, though most makers are struggling hard. Schmidt didn’t count Amazon and B&N tablets, because they don’t come with Google Apps, so people can’t activated them through Google.

Comscore places Android on the first place, with 53% of the market, while iOS went down to 33%. Unfortunately we can’t rely on Comscore’s numbers, though most analysts place Android on the first place, even if the percentages are different.

Android seems to be going sky-high and the only way to slow it are lawsuits, which will come to an end, eventually.