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Tizen OS Hits v2.0, First Devices Are Expected in 2013

Samsung has manufactured many mobile phones over the years. If you ask random people about its devices, most of them will immediately think of Android. However, this is not the only operating system the company implemented on its handhelds. Samsung also launched a bunch of phones running Windows phone. It seems like the South Koreans are developing another OS in a partnership with Intel, called Tizen. If this is the first time you’ve heard about Tizen, you should know that is a project that belonged to Nokia a couple of years ago (you’ve probably of Meego). For some reason, the Finish phone maker didn’t continued the project, so Samsung took the wheel in its hands and gave the operating system a new name.

Anyway, Samsung finished the work on the Tizen 2.0 SDK and some screenshots are already surfacing the web. The guys at Sammobile got their hands on the images and made them public. We have the opportunity to take a close look and see what its appearance will be like. The design is pretty slick, clean and the rounded icons seem like the ones on the Nokia N9.

The operating system is ready, but the question is when will Samsung launch a smartphone running it. And even if the company will release a device running Tizen in the near future, I can’t think of any reason why people would buy it and give up on the Android handsets as Android is a great OS that comes along with a plethora of applications and games that can be found on the Google Play Store.

Samsung won’t release a Tizen-based phone at the Mobile World congress, but maybe some statements about the matter would be made (that in case the Samsung representatives will show up at the event). Or Samsung might give us some details at its own event that will take place on March 14th, day which is supposed to be the release date of the Galaxy S4. If so, the company should come with a lot of reasons why users should choose to purchase a Tizen device instead of an Android one. This should be good.

So guys, would you get one of these babies if they come out?