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Top 15 Android Apps for 2012

In this post you will find a list that contains the top 2012 Android applications. All the applications that I have listed in this post are listed in no particular order as you will find apps from different categories.

Note that here you will find Android apps released in 2012 but also some applications that have been launched before 2012. Note that we aren’t listing the apps randomly as there is no possible way to determine if an application is better than others from a totally different category. If you think that some Android applications are better than others posted here, then please post them in comments and we will try to keep this post updated so that, at the end of 2012, we will have a more comprehensive list of all best Android programs and tools that you will eventually need to use if you want to improve the overall performance of your Android smartphone.

Below you will find applications from categories such as entertainment, music and audio, communication, lifestyle, social, news and magazines, tools, travel and local, weather, widgets etc. Please note that some of the Android apps below will work only with rooted Android devices and you might not be able to use them on stock firmware.

Smart Tools

Smart tools by Smart Tools Co. is an all-in-one package of measuring apps that allows you to measure length, height, distance, direction, sound etc.

There are 5 application sets that comprise exactly 15 tools for you to use on your Android device.

The 1st set is the Smart Ruler PRO which you can use to measure Length, Angle, Slope, Thread and Level. The second set of tools contains the Smart Measure Pro app which allows you to measure the distance, height, width, area. Smart Compass Pro allows you to use your phone as a compass, GPS or Metal Detector.

Sound Meter Pro tool features a sound level meter and a vibrometer. Also, you can use the Smart Light Pro which allows you to use your device as a flashlight and magnifier.

This application is great on a daily basis as you can use its tools for multiple tasks and it should come in handy when trying to impress some of your friends.

You can download and instlalSmart Tools from Google’s Play Store for only $2.50.


This is one of the most popular applications for Android, as you can use it to control your smartphone via wireless networks tight from your web browser. It works only if your device and the computer you’re using are on the same network.

You can use AirDroid to easily move files between your PC and your smartphone only by dragging and dropping files. You can use it to send, receive, forward and delete SMS text messages.  Applications can be easily backed up, installed and uninstalled from your PC without the need of going through all menus in your Android phone. Photos can be previewed, deleted, uploaded, downloaded, set as wallpapers or you can even use it to create slideshows. You can use it to search and create contacts or even delete call logs.

The Ringtones function allows you to preview, download, delete and customize the ringtones you want to use as alarms or contact notifications.

Other tools that you can find in AirDroid are the Task Manager, Apps Manager, file manager and the Device Status which tells you the real-time ROM, SD card, battery status, CPU and RAM status reports. There are multiple other small features and tools that you can find only by testing AirDroid.

To access AirDroid from your PC, you simply need to enter ‘web.airdroid.com’ on your web browser and then launch the app on your smartphone and either scan the QR Code or enter the code provided by the application. Note that some of AirDroid’s functions are working only with rooted devices.

This is a great tool for those users who are constantly searching for a better way to control their devices. Note that AirDroid is free and it can be downloaded and installed from Google Play Store.

Apex Launcher

There aren’t too many home screen launcher for Android ICS or Jelly Bean and that’s because the Apex Launcher already offers all you might ask from such tools. You can customize home screen grid size and add up to 9 different homescreens, a scrollable dock, elastic scrolling, beautiful transitions, hide apps, icons, search bar, navbar, lock desktop, change folder backgrounds and style, homescreen gestures.

Also, Apex Launcher allows you to backup its layout and data so that in case you decide to change the ROM or you want to uninstall and then re-install it, then you will be able to restore all homescreen icons and looks just like these were before. It comes with support for adding icon packs, skins and multiple other customization tools.

The paid version of Apex brings you two finger gestures, dock swipe gestures, multiple editable drawer tabs, 1×1 widgets in the dock bar, overlapping widgets. The Apex Launcher Free and PRO editions are both Jelly Bean compatible and it seems like we will be stuck with these choices for a long time to come.

Download Apex Launcher Free from HERE.

Download Apex Launcher Pro for $3.99 from HERE.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is similar to Apex and these two together are ‘rival’ applications destined to be used by Android users on their devices.

This is one highly customizable launcher that allows you to change the homescreens of your Android device. add color themes and new icon packs, a scrollable dock, scrolling effects, infinite scroll and multiple other functions. As I’ve told you already, Nova and Apex are similar and you can choose any of these two to use. The Nova Launcher comes in two versions, Free and Prime. You can choose to download the free edition and see if you like, but note that the Prime variant will bring support for creating tab folders for the app drawer, new swipe gestures, app hiding tool, mail undread counter etc.

Nova Launcher is fully supported by Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

If you wish to use the free version then you should click here to visit Play Store to download and install Nova Launcher on your device.

For the paid variant, click here and you will get the Nova Launcher Prime with all the other functions and features.

Chrome web browser

This is the Chrome browser for Android and it brings the entire Google Chrome desktop browsing experience right on your phone without you even noticing this. It is the fastest and then most simple to use browser that you can find right now in Google’s Play Store.

You can use it to open web pages, search terms and navigate through the internet from a single address box. It has support for instant search and the accelerated page loader, scrolling and zooming are only adding extra to your experience.

It features a fantastic intuitive and simple UI that you can use to open and switch between an unlimited number of opened browsing windows.

The best possible feature that Chrome incorporates is the one that allows you to sign in to to your Chrome account and you will be able to sync the tabs, extensions and Chrome data between your PC and your tablet or smartphone. Also, it contains the Incognito Mode which can be used to privately browse the world wide web.

Download Google Chrome for your Android device by clicking HERE.

Also, you can download the Google Chrome to Phone app that allows you to send links, maps etc from your PC to your smartphone / tablet.

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard

This application can be easily considered the best possible application launched in 2012 as it simply takes your typing skills to a maximum. It learns your language and you can configure it to suit your typing skills. It learns all the words you type and offers you the best possible suggestions so that you’ll be able to type faster your SMS, Emails, Facebook messages, Twitter posts and even blog posts.

You can choose from several different themes, it has support for almost 50 languages and you can use QWERTY, QWERTZ, QZERTY, AZERTY, DVORAK, COLEMAK, Arabic, Russian, Persian (farsi), Korean, Hebrew, Greek, Bulgarian, Ukraine keyboard layout. This means that you can use this application from everywhere.

After you install it, you can set SwiftKey 3 Keyboard to learn from your SMS text messages, Facebook post, Twitter timeline and all other Social Networking apps you might have installed on your device.

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard is free or you can choose to buy the paid version for extra features:

Any.DO To Do List | Task List

This is an Android app that you can use to create task lists and you can choose when to be notified by it so that you’ll manage to complete all your tasks and chores on time. It is a free application and it has support for voice recognition, which means that you can set various tasks using only your voice through the phone’s mic.

Any.DO can predict the words you’re trying to type, it can sync all your Android phones and it has support for Google Task also. Create grocery lists, plan events, set goals and multiple other objectives and Any.DO will make sure that you will complete all of them.

You can choose between two themes, white and black. There are tons of other tools within and you will find all of them only if you use this app.

Download and install Any.DO app from Google Play Store.


This is a great application that allows to automatically change almost all parts of your device. You can use it to edit settings, photos, SMS to speech or you can use it to launch various apps at a designed time or you can choose the hundreds of other tasks that you can the application to complete.

Another great utility that is featured by Tasker, is the one that allows you to create your own standalone Android app. There are multiple other things comprised within and you can only test them if you decide to run this program. Note that it is a paid application and you cannot use it for free.

Download Tasker from Google Play Store for $6.49.


This is an application that you cannot use anywhere in the world, as it is supported only in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland and Latin America. As you know this is the most popular application and subscription service that allows you to watch TV episodes and movies right on your smartphone without he need of using any computer.

It is a free application, but you still need to pay for the shows you wish to view. New members can opt for a one-month trial that allows enough testing time.

Also, Netflix can be used to watch a movie on your PC  and then in case you have to leave the house, then you can continue watching it on your mobile in your way to work or school.

Download Netflix for Android from Google’s Play Store.

ES File Explorer – File Manager

This is a great all-in-one application and file manager. It has been downloaded at least 80 million times and it comes with root access support also.

You can use this application to open, edit and control any file or application that is currently stored on your Android device. It comes with support for over 24 languages and it can be used on all Android OS editions.

You can use it to install, uninstall, backup, create shortcuts or categories applications. The compressing and decompressing tools can be used to manage zip and rar files.

ES File Explorer permits users to access their phones right from their desktops. There are tons of other tools and in order to learn how to work with them is by simply using the application. However, the best thing about it, is that it is free to download and install. Download and install ES File Explorer from Google Play Store.

TuneIn Radio Pro

Just like the developer’s description, this is an application that you can use to ‘listen to the world’.

TuneIn is a great tool that you can use to listed to over 70,000 radio stations worldwide. I chose to list the Pro version, because this one allows users to record their favorite content and save them right on their Android devices.

If you’re a radio enthusiast and you want to listen to your favorite radio station in your way to work or school, then the TuneIn Radio Pro app is the one for you.

The application can be downloaded from Google Play Store for only $0.99.


This is a photo gallery and picture browsing app which is clear and simple to use. You shouldn’t have any problems using it as it is fast, simple, it can hide folders or single pics, you can use it to rotate and shrink or crop pictures. Also, you can use it to set wallpapers at maximum quality so that you’ll benefit from the best background landscapes right on your device’s home screen.

It can be used with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and it recently received an optimization for tablets so that you can use the app in HD quality. Also, the best thing about it, is that it is free and it presents no ads.

If you want to use QuickPic on your Android device, then you should download and install it from Google Play Store.

Wallbase HD Wallpapers

This application does exactly what it say, it offers you over 1 million wallpapers for you to choose from and set as wallpapers on your device fast and simple.

You can use this application to browse, set and even save your favorite wallpapers. It has support for popular or random wallpapers browsing search or you can choose to search by clicking on tags, keyword or color. Also, you can browse the popular tags and see if you find a wallpaper that suits your need.

The application is downloaded as a free version but you can choose to buy the PRO edition which will get rid of all the ads.

Download the app from Google Play Store. This is the Free version and if you wish to remove the ads then buy the PRO key from here, it costs only $1.99.

WiFi Tether for Root Users

This is an application that you can use to create wi-fi networks for other devices to use them. You can connect your laptop to your Wi-Fi tethered hotspot and it will use the internet using your phone’s internet connection whether it is on 4G, 3G or 2G.

This is an application that can be used only by rooted devices and you should know that this is something that your carrier might not like. Use it at your own risk.

The WiFi Tether app comes with widget support and you can easily enable / disable the hotspot by simply clicking the apps’ homescreen once. You can even set it to disable the wi-fi in case your devices are idle for a pre-determined idle time.

Download and install WiFi Tether for Root Users from Google Play Store. This is a free program.

Reddit Sync

Reddit is an application that you can use it to browse and use Reddit while you’re away from your computer.

It features a simple and user-friendly Holo UI which allows you to use almost all reddit functions that are normally available only for the desktop web site. You can use with a Night or a Day theme. Also, it is capable of marking reddit posts as read and you can save and vote on posts. There are multiple other features and functions, but mainly this is a great method for you to browse reddit while you’re using your Android device.

Download and install the Reddit Sync Free application from Google Play Store. This is the free edition.

If you want to remove the ads then you should buy and install the Reddit Sync Pro version as it costs only $1.99.

These are all the apps that I enjoyed this year and in case you have any other suggestions then please, post them in our comments field and I will try to update this post with the most popular choices.

If you think that some of the apps above are expensive then you should download AppSales for Android. This is a tool that will notify you every time applications are on sale at Google’s Play Store and you will be able to get great deals on your favorite Android apps.