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Top 15 New Android Games Released in January 2013

With the year 2012 now gone and the Google Play Store that gets new video games daily. With the mobile technology that is advancing really fast, video games are also getting better and if you’re a gaming enthusiast then you might find a new favorite app in this post.

Below you can find both free and paid video games along with their respective Google Play Store installation link. The video games listed in this post shouldn’t be seen as the best ones, it is a personal opinion. If  you think that there were other games that you consider to be better than the ones below, then you should leave a comment and I will try to update the post.

Some of the these games are demos or trial versions and in order to continue playing them, you will be forced to buy the full version. We will begin from the 15th spot and continue to the first spot. All games have been tested on my Android devices. Note that some of these games might not be playable on older Android operating systems such as Froyo, Eclair or even Gingerbread; more info can be found under each Video game section. Enough said, let’s get to position 15.

#15 Stargate Command:

Yes, this is the first Android video game that is based on the popular TV Show, Stargate SG-1. You will take control of Teal’c, the Jaffa warrior from Chulak.

The plot of this game revolves around the Stargate Command center where Teal’c has to fight against Jaffa, Goa’uld and Replicators, since he was left alone and enemies are approaching. You will have to earn experience points by fighting one on one against all villains and earn money in order to improve your gear and upgrade Teal’c health, attack, shield and defense skills.

Every new kill will make your character stronger and faster. You will have to explore the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, play other small games within the game and find important items from previous SG-1 TV shows missions. Also, you can test your StarGate knowledge within the game.

The game seems to work with any smartphones but the performance varies, which means that you will not experience the same feel on an older Android smartphone than you would with a newer model.

SGC has been designed by Arkalis Interactive, it features over 40,000 installs and it offers tons of fun. However, I would’ve loved to play as O’Neill or even Dr. Jackson but, since it is an arcade/ action video game, Teal’c has been the best choice for the game’s main character.

Stargate Command is free to play and you can download / install it from Google Play Store here.

#14 Steampunk Racing 3D:

Almost 5 million installs under a single month and the number continues to grow since this is one of the best steampunk-themed racing game. There aren’t too many video games on Google’s Play Store. It has been created by ARB Studios LLC and it works with Android 2.1 and newer versions.

The game is set in a world where wars have destroyed it and everyone is fighting for their survival. You can race and customize your vehicle. The available autos are the Heavy Tank Tall Boy, Agile Delivery, 3-Wheel Scarab, 4 Wheel Armored Classic, Dozenberg, Zeppelin, 6 Wheel LG04 Ohzma, Brutal Whagon, Rough Truckin. Each vehicle has its own features and skills. It features a RealTime Multiplayer mode and a Massive Online tournament that allows you to race against users worldwide.

Choose from over 30 weapons and abilities, 15 tracks, 6 different power-ups and multiple vehicles.

Steam Racing 3D can be installed for free from HERE.

#13 Gravity Racing Madness:

WEndytech.de are the creators of this game and this is one of the most unique racing video games, as you will be racing in a two-dimension opposing worlds.

Your character within the game is a ‘Graviteer’ and you can switch between the two worlds and you have to beat the time and the space in order to fight against the singularity that destroyed your world. It is a mainly a ‘running’ game and with just a single tap of the screen you can switch between tracks by reversing gravity. You need to race over hills, escape form the buzz saw and finish the game with the fastest time possible.

You will have to complete over 50 levels in order to finish the game. It is a free video game and it can be downloaded and installed from Google Play Store here.

#12 Cubles:

I’m a fan of puzzle games and despite the fact that Cubles looks like it has been designed for kindergartners, it packs tons of levels with a high difficulty. Be aware that it is an addictive game that will challenge your brain to the maximum. You need to find and select rectangles / squares that are featuring the same color for their corners, which seems easy. But, you will only feel the challenge after you begin the game as you will be disturbed by water splashes, bombs and other things.

Cubles for Android packs 6 different stages with 90 levels. There are 12 different Cubles and you can earn up to 288 Bonus stars, which is the main challenge as you will have to collect all of them in order to complete the game.

Its Arcade Mode is great as you have to finish over 9 different variants and gain as many points as possible in order to score better than all the other worldwide players. If you perform well in Arcade Mode, you will then be added to the Weekly highscore ladded, or you can even make the All-Time high score table.

Cubles has been installed over 40,000 times and you can download it for free from its Google Play Store dedicated web page HERE.

#11 Space Ace:

This is a retro action game that takes place in a hand-drawn animated world. It is a game based on the ’80s cartoon series with the same name. Take control of your ray gun and fight the evil Commander Borf in order to finish the game.

Space Ace brings tons of fun and it has been designed by Digital Leisure Inc. It is fully compatible with both smartphones and tablet devices. It works with devices that are running on Android 1.6 and later so you shouldn’t worry about it now working for your device. The developers are telling us that the Space Ace game is optimized for Xperia Play.

More info about this video game can be found at its Google Play Store dedicated web page.

Space Ace doesn’t have a free variant, which means that you will have to pay for it. It costs $4.99.

#10 Killer Escape:

Killer Escape is a 3D horror point-and-click video that asks from you to simply run and escape the serial killer that is chasing you. You will be confronted by a series of random puzzles that should make your escape harder.

If you’re installing the game on a newer device, then you won’t have problems running it. Older smartphones might not be able to run it smoother. It has been installed on almost 100,000 devices worldwide. It has been created by Psionic Games and it is free to download and install here.

The only option for you is to escape from this nightmare and the game will end. Otherwise you will be stuck trying to solve puzzles and escape the serial killer.

Killer Escape works with devices running Android 2.2 and newer versions. It measures only 18MB in size and you should test it right away. Try to play it at night for a greater effect of the horror-theme.

#9 Galactic:

Galactic is a video game that puts you in a meteor’s ‘skin’ as you have to add particles to your mass without entering the gravity field of any other celestial bodies. You can choose from 50 different puzzles, a sandbox mode and many many other effects and stages. It is a puzzle game that tests you skills, reaction, intelligence and adventure spirit.

It is an easy to play game and if you choose to play the Sandboxe mode, then you will start as a meteor and your goal is to solve get bigger until you reach the planet-size, or a star or even a black hole using all the game elements. You might say that this game resembles Osmos HD without its beautiful soundtrack.

You can download and install this game from Google Play Store HERE. Note that Galactic costs $0.99.

#8 Dead City:

Dead City is a video game that has been launched in January and it already reached a 4.6 rating on Google’s Play Store. It is an action zombie-killing game that you should test on your smartphone.

You run the game and play it as a single save session, you’re the only human left and you have to wipe out the zombies before they kill you. The Dead City main features are the Racing Action Mode with its 5 vehicles and up to 10 upgrade levels, the 24 armors, 18 different weapons, you can fire in all directions and numerous missions that will help you gather more weapons and armors.

Run over zombies, shoot them with a single fire and complete the game by wiping out all of them.

Dead City is free to download and install from Google Play Store. Your device can run this game if it is on Android 2.1 or up, but for maximum performance play the game on the latest Android OS.

#7 Monster Rivals:

Do you remember the Street Fighter games?! If you do, then this one is somewhat similar to it only that you’re using a dragon to defeat users from all over the world using combos and various attack styles. You can use weapons and magical moves in other to defeat your opponent.

Upgrade your monster after every won fight so that you’ll be able to always battle against better and better rivals. You should explore the in-game island and look for hidden treasures that will offer you gems and other elements that you can use in order to become the best Monster Rivals player. It has support for challenging Facebook friends.

Monster Rivals has been created by pixelmaji and it can be installed on any device that runs on Android 2.1 and newer versions.

It is free to play and you can install it by going to Google Play Store Monster Rivals page HERE.

#6 Tupsu – The Furry Little Monster:

Tupsu, is a three-eyed furry little monster that you have to control and overcame all the puzzling game challenges.

You need to connect Tupsu’s eyeballs with the floating islands in order to reach all the stars you have to collect so you’ll complete the levels. It is a highly challenging game that requires you to think and try to find the best way to all the stars. It features an easy to use UI, an HD mode that works with devices with big storage, great graphics, beautiful music and Tupsu’s eyes.

It has been installed almost 100,000 times and it measures 20MB in size.

Tupsu can be installed for FREE from Google Play Store. Download link HERE.

#5 The Great Fusion:

Max is the main character of this point and click adventure Android game that has to battle again large companies and capitalism. It is a great game that is both hilarious and puzzling. It takes place in 2022 and MAX is a very smart programmer that reached the bottom and now struggles to survive and he needs money. He will encounter numerous crazy circumstances and since the current world has set barriers between rich and poor people, Max will have to trigger the ‘Great Fusion’, an era that will bring everyone together once again and help poor people get our of their status. It has a comic book look and it is filled with tons of explicit language, kitten video clips, hilarious dialogues, robots, Woody, Quentin and multiple other characters.

Download and install The Great Fusion video game from HERE. It doesn’t have a demo/ trial version, which means that in order to play it, you will have to pay $1.95.

#4 Red Warfare:

This is one of the most expected games of 2013 and it is one that will take you back to World War 2, You have to control an army and defeat all its enemies in order to restore order and peace all over the world.

It is based on the PC multi-hit Red Alert 2 video game and if you’re a fan of strategy-war games, then you should give it a test-run. You will control a military force that is composed of an infantry, tanks, jet fighters, assault helicopters, missiles and atomic bombs. It simulates the battles in World War 2 and it is easy to learn.

Red Warfare for Android was created by Smile Studios and it has been launched last month.

If you to play Red Warfare then you should download and install it from Google Play Store HERE. It is a free video game that should put to test all your war-combat strategies.

Find the shortest way to victory and restore peach in the world.

#3 Portalizer:

This is the Android game that is based on the Portal video games. You will taken to a world filled with 3d puzzles, communism and portals. You can say that this game is Portal without GlaDOS but it resembles that world.

We don’t know why there is the communism featured in the game but we know that it is bad. It offers tons of fun, a great 3D graphics engine for mobile, the free version features 5 different locations that will make you hate the moment you downloaded the game. However, if you think that the free version is too easy, then you can purchase its full version and you’ll get 8 extra locations.

Download and install Portalizer FREE from Google Play Store HERE.

Download and install Portalizer paid version from Google Play Store HERE. It costs only $1.

This is a game that has been designed by Rexet Studio and it measure 26MB. It has already been downloaded 5000 times and you should give it a test. It packs tons of fun and you can easily learn your way around the missions.

#2 The Lords of Midnight:

This is the Android version of Mike Singleton’s classic Adventure Strategy video game of 1984. It is a classic strategy RPG and if you’re a little bit older, then this game should give a sense of nostalgia. You need to be the hero that the Lords of Midnight need in order to defeat the Doomdark armies.

Also, you can recruit up to 20 warlords that will help you defeat your enemies.

Chilli Hugger Software Limited is the company that decided to remake and port this game for Android. The next year it would’ve been 30 years since the original game launched. You can use this game and develop your own war stories and create characters the way you exactly want them. Use all your resources to defeat Doomdark. It might not be free to play but if you’re a fan of the genre then you should really play it.

Download and install the Lords of Midnight for Android from HERE. It costs $4.99 but it worth’s much more than that.

The Lords of Midnight works with Android 2.1 and newer versions. It packs 29MB so it would be better for you to install it using an WiFi connection.

#1 Glory Of Sparta:

Xerxes has sent its armies with the sole purpose of conquering Greece. You need to defeat him and save the Greek people by holding strong at Thermopylae, where one of the greatest battles in history took place.

It packs 30 different levels, 13 Spartan models with 4 historic here figures. There are 30 Persian types, you can use skills as there are 12 active ones and 4 passive. It features a RPG style level-up up engine, automatic hack and slash combat style, you need to correctly combine strategy and defense tactics in order to defeat your enemies. Create your own camps by positioning strategic flags. There are tons of other features and you will be able to test all of them only by playing the game.

Glory of Sparta will introduce four historic Hero characters: Hero Agesilaus – the King who freed multiple Greece cities from the Persian powers, he can shoot fire arrows; Hero Gylippus – he can be used to heal heroes and soldiers that are nearby; Hero Brasidas – the Peloponnesian War hero who has been compared by Plato in his Symposium work with Hercules, he uses his great Health as weapon and provokes his adversaries to assault him; Hero Pausanias – is a great Spartan commander for the allied powers who damaged the Persian military, he increases the attack powers of the allies by raising morale for all of his troops.

It has been created by Com2uS, it measures 21MB and it works with Android 2.1 and later OS versions. For the best performance, then you should install the game on the latest Android OS. It is free to install.

If you want to play Glory of Sparta, then you should download and install it from Google Play Store HERE.

These were all the games that I considered to be interesting enough in order to post them in this “Top 15 best Android video games of released in January 2013” article.

If you think that there were other games better than the ones listed above, then you should leave a detailed comment at the end of this post debating why is it better. Remember that all games should be present on Google Play Store web site. Some of the games listed above might feature the in-app purchase method, which means that you will need to buy other elements in order to upgrade your characters or enable other game features. These were all the games that I had for you. Now you should test some of them and tell us in comments which is the best one.