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Toshiba Introduces New 13 MP Camera Sensor, Is Only 4.7mm Thin

Toshiba is one of the companies that besides manufacturing smartphones and tablets, is also involved in other fields of the smartphone business, like developing and supplying displays and cameras for other companies.

Today we will not be talking about Toshiba’s popular displays, but about a new camera sensor. The Japan-based company just introduced a 13 megapixel shutter with 1/3 inch sensor size, and it will be the thinnest currently on the market. The camera with model number TCM993MD will be only 4.7 mm thin, a size that will probably help the phone and tablet makers to create even thinner devices.

The new Toshiba camera sensor will most likely end up on Android-powered smartphones and tablet. The pixel size of the sensor is of 1.2µm, and jut to compare it with something I will mention that Nokia 808 PureView has 1.4µm pixels, and HTC One has 2µm pixel size. Anyway the biggest advantage of the new Toshiba shutter is that its thin profile will allow other companies to easily integrate it on ultraslim smartphones.

Still, don’t expect extraordinary photo quality to be delivered by the new camera, because even Nokia N8’s sensor, which is more than 2 years old is more capable than this one.

In order to manufacture the new module, Toshiba is using 4 plastic lenses and a dedicated signal processing system, which is meant to improve the lens’ performance. Therefore the sensor is capable of compensating the lens distorsions, and I case you were wondering, the first manufactures will receive the new Toshiba camera unit as of May, at a price of $74.