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TracFone LG Optimus Zip Price, Specs and Features now Available

The previously launched LG Optimus Zip, which was first available through Verizon, has just been leaked on the TracFone online store. So, LG is extending the phone’s availability on the market, though we are talking about a device that has nothing to impress at all. It is a low range but budget friendly Android powered handset suitable for the entry level customers with low expectations. Anyway, you have the LG Optimus Zip specs and features along with the price tagged by the TracFone online provider, so for making a proper idea about this smartphone check the same.

If you will want to buy it, then you should know that LG and TracFone will provide the Zip in United States, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands, the offer being the same for all the markets. The device unveils a relatively small display with 3.2 inch along with a slide QWERTY keyboard which can be useful for those who prefer to chat or send messages rather than talk on the phone. Beside this, the smartphone has a plastic made case, the design being not on my taste. It’s small, with a poor look, not to mention that the performances are really low.

The LG Optimus Zip specs are including a 800 MHz processor, a 3.2 MP rear facing camera with no front facing one, 3G / WiFi connectivity, the QWERTY keyboard and the already mentioned 3.2 inch display. Also, it will feature the already outdated Gingerbread OS and most likely this is all you will get as the ICS or Jelly Bean update is out of question. Of course you can anytime apply a custom ROM, or a beta software but it’s just not the same. That’s all that worth to be mentioned about this phone, so there you have it, this is the LG Optimus Zip.

Now, as already stated in the introduction, the Optimus Zip is available in US, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands via TracFone, so if you like it and want to buy one, don’t hesitate and head to the online retail website and check for further aspects. Also feel free to talk with us for any other details about the Optimus Zip or about any other Android related topic.