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Track your ordered packages using your Android smartphone

Parcels Package Tracking App For Android

If you were wondering if there is any application that allows you to track your postal packages and orders while out of your home, then allow me to tell you that this is possible right from your Android smartphone.

There are numerous applications that are equipped with package tracking features and most of them are created by the major global shipping companies. All the tracking info is sent to your phone and you can easily anticipate when your order will arrive so that you will be at home right when the delivery truck pulls right into your driveway. These apps are great and you can benefit from their services and, while waiting for a pack you can go visit your friends, run errands or even go out with your family or plan a short weekend away from your house.

When you’re away from your home and the package is about to arrive to your home, you will then be able to check the Android apps and know exactly when that will happen. Most shipping companies have apps in Google Play Store and you can easily check their info to learn your package’s location. Most of these apps are easy to us and you can use them to learn about local shipping locations. Here’s some download links for the tracking apps of the world’s largest package shipping companies:

All these applications are free to download, but most of them are lacking advanced tools such as multiple package tracking tool or the delivery notification alert sounds. However, there is another free Android application, called Parcels, on Google Play Store that has support for tracking multiple orders and packages for numerous global carriers. Also, Parcels has support ford delivery notification alerts that will notify you when the package has arrived. Tracking details of the packages can be accessed using the Google Maps while the check out tracking info can be opened using the carrier’s official web page.

Download Parcels package tracking application from Google Play Store.