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Twitter Update Brings Photo Filters And More

The vintage photo filters are very popular on the the social networks and outside them, especially that the classic cameras are almost nowhere to be found.

Instagram’s success on the iOS platform made the developers port the application on other platforms, too, while others created similar applications that provide photo filters.

As most of the pictures taken with the smartphones are posted on the big social networks, Facebook or Twitter had to develop their own photo filter apps.

Facebook made the first step by launching Facebook camera app, but the app is available exclusively on iOS. Next up, the social network giant acquired Instagram, integrating the photo sharing options with iOS and Android platforms.

After Instagram has cut off certain features, Twitter decided to provide its own photo editing solution, integrating in its own mobile application. The Twitter version for Android was already updated in Google Play, bringing several new features like photo editing with filters.

The most important improvement is that you can now apply filters using the Twitter app. The photo filters are developed by Aviary company.

After opening a photo, the Twitter app provides 8 photo filters that make the pics look vintage. You can choose the filters by swiping left or right, or by pressing the button that lets you choose from all the available filters.

The Twitter app also allows you to preview the photo you just edited, therefore you can see the difference between the initial photo and the edited one.

In order to help you cut the pictures in 4:3 format, the application integrates a dedicated function, that makes the process more simple.