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How to Unbrick HTC One

If you have managed to brick or damage your HTC One then you are probably looking for a proper method to apply for unbricking your Android device. In order to help you out I have developed this dedicated step by step guide; during the guidelines from below I will show you the most useful procedures to apply for repairing your HTC One, all the steps from below being compatible with all the HTC One models. Moreover there are more ways in which you can try to unbrick or to fix your bricked phone so use one or more methods if needed.

You can damage your HTC One or soft brick it when applying unofficial operation or when trying to unchain or power up its system and performances. So, basically I am talking about procedures like gaining root access, installing custom ROMs, overclocking the CPU, flashing custom kernel, unlocking the bootloader and so on. All these tasks aren’t official and the warranty of your phone will get void when applying the same, which means that if something bad happens you can’t take your device back to service for technical assistance. So, you will have to unbrick your HTC One by yourself.

Also, your device might experience issues after updating to a new version of Android OS. In some cases your phone might run slower than it used to, the battery might drain faster and there might be lags or bugs. These problems can too be resolved if you know what operations to perform. So, use this tutorial for being able to fix almost all the problems from your HTC One. Don’t forget though that in case you managed to hard bricked your phone, it will be basically impossible to fix it by using this tutorial – in that case you will have to take your device back to service.

Anyway, if possible and if you can still use your HTC One, before heading to the proper steps from below, first take care of some pre requisites. The first thing to do is to make a backup for saving everything that you might need afterwards. So, use compatible backup and restore apps for saving your contacts, text messages, call logs, market apps, internet settings, personal data, info and accounts and everything else that’s saved on the internal storage of your Android smartphone. Moreover, you should charge your device especially if there is less than 50% power left; skip these procedures if you can use your phone as there is nothing you can do in that matter.

Also a computer will be required while your HTC One and its USB cable must be near you. On the computer you will be using deactivate, temporarily only, the antivirus and any other security protection. Furthermore, install Android SDK and set up ADB. Finally, just remember that the guidelines from below have been tested and it will work only for the HTC One smartphone, so don’t use this guide for unbricking any other Android based phone or tablet.

How to Unbrick HTC One

Make a Hard Reset

Most of the common issues can be resolved by making a hard reset. So basically hard reset your HTC One if your phone runs with bugs, lags or if the screen often freezes and if you get force close errors. If the hard reset operation isn’t useful for you, don’t hesitate and try the rest of the guidelines from below.

Resolve boot loop issues

After flashing a custom or official Android OS, your HTC One might get stuck in a boot loop. Now, if you are experiencing this type of situation, follow the next steps.

  • Enter your HTC One in recovery mode.
  • Select “wipe cache partition”.
  • From main menu of recovery also select “wipe dalvick cache”.
  • Return to recovery and consider in making a factory reset too.
  • In the end reboot into Android by selecting “reboot system now”.

Unbrick HTC One by using the combination of volume up / down and power buttons

Now, this strange but efficient method has been posted by those of xda-developers so we have to thanks them for this possibility. Here is what you need to do in order to repair your Android smartphone.

  • First solution: Press on Volume up and down at the same time; moreover also press power key and keep pressing these buttons for at least 90 seconds. Your phone should eventually vibrate, flash or respond in some matter. Do note that you might have to repeat this operation several times with long waits in between for being able to resolve the problems.
  • Second solution: Take your phone and put it up to a bright light (it can be a headlight or a lamp bulb); while doing this hold power button for about 15 seconds. Then play with power and volume down / up buttons until your phone reboots.
  • Final solution: If your phone get damaged while the USB cord was plugged in, wait a few minutes in order to ensure that the process we are talking about isn’t running any more. Then unplug the USB cable – your device should now reboot.

How to restore HTC One to stock Android OS and revoke root access

Relock the HTC One bootloader (apply this step only if your device was previously unlocked)

  1. On your computer install the HTC One drivers.
  2. On your computer go to the folder where you have installed fastboot via Android SDK.
  3. On the same folder open a command prompt windows (press the Shift key and right-click on an empty area on the Windows Explorer, now select “Open command window here”.
  4. Enter your phone into fastboot mode; connect your device with your computer via USB cable.
  5. In the cmd window from your computer type “fastboot oem lock”.
  6. Now the bootloader will be relocked.

Downgrade HTC One to stock OS

  1. On your computer download ROM Update Utility (RUU) from this page (choose the RUU compatible with the model of your HTC One).
  2. Now install the RUU on your computer by following the on screen prompts.
  3. Also follow the instructions from RUU and just reinstall the Android OS on your HTC One (of course you will have to connect your phone with your computer for being able to do so).
  4. In the end your HTC One should boot right into stock Android firmware, thus root access has been revoked and factory restrictions reinstalled.

That’s it all; hope that now you have finally unbricked your HTC One. If you know any other methods to apply for resolving Android related issues, don’t hesitate and point it out by using the comments field from below and we will update this tutorial accordingly.

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  • Me

    in my boot screen. it says :


    is this normal? :/

    btw, my phone is also stuck in a bootloop and cannot solve it.

    • Radi

      Did some find solution I’m in the same boats right now, just see the battery charging logo and the red disclaimer below it…

  • Domenico De Palma

    My htc is not responding anymore… But if i try the firt solution while it’s connected to the PC, i hear the sound of a disconnected device, than the sound of a connected device. What you mean for play with “play with power and volume down / up buttons until your phone reboots”? I have to do this while pressing power button? Have I to press in the same moment vol up and down, or separatly? (sorry for bad english)

    • Folken Hyral

      I have the same problem… Have you found a solution ?

  • SRK

    ANDREI PRESCURA You are a legend! Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Moiz

    Hi , I had a stock M7 which got stuck on the HTC logo during an OTA System Update , I am not sure how to go about fixing it as the phone had never been rooted before or have had any other modifications , here is what I have been able to get so far

    – CID is J15
    – I have installed Fastboot and ADB on the PC and been able to check the device

    Where should I get the stock rom for my phone and how should I flash it ?

    Thanks !

  • Led

    My HTC One M8 kept shutting down after it showed the HTC boot logo. I could not enter the recovery mode by holding down the power button and the volume down button, simultaneously. The problem was caused by re-rooting my phone from within a custom TWRP (philz_touch_6.26.6-m8.img). It had that option built in. So my advice: don’t use that option, it bricked my HTC One M8!!! Install SuperSU from a zip file, instead!

    I did the following. Not sure what part of the procedure saved me. I hooked my phone up to the wall charger. Once my phone was shut down, I pressed down the power button and BOTH volume up and volume down button. I kept them pressed down until my Phone showed me the battery icon. But to make sure, I kept the buttons pressed down for 2 whole minutes. It probably wasn’t necessary to keep the buttons pressed down after I saw the battery icon. After I let go of the buttons, I was able to enter the recovery mode again, by pressing down the power button and the volume down simultaneously until I entered the recovery mode.

    In recovery mode I wiped the Dalvik cache, the cache and did a factory reset.

    After I did that, I rebooted the system. I noticed my phone still shut down after the HTC boot logo. This time I took my phone off the charger and did the before mentioned procedure again: pressing down the power button and volume buttons, entering the recovery mode, wiping the caches and doing a factory reset. I then realized my problem could be the rooting option (SuperSU) from within TWRP. I happened to have a SuperSU zip file on my phone which I could flash. So I did that, too. After I choose to reboot my system, it magically booted past the HTC boot logo!

    Hope this helps you guys. I was pretty freaked out. Thanks to the author and some of my own fiddling I managed to get my phone up and running again! 🙂

    • Darren Croft

      did the same as you, i used TWRP to install root. followed exactly what you did, only i re-flashed the ROM, did a full wipe, then declined to install root. moral of the story: dont let TWRP install root. ever.

  • Poor Guy

    Hi! I have a HTC one M7 which has stuck on bootloop. I tried hard reseting but the power button volume down button wont work to take me to Recovery mode. If any one of the button works, the phone restarts itself again. Please suggest me which step should I follow.

    • Poor Guy Again

      Oh..I forgot to mention that I wasnot rooting or upgrading my devices when it happened. I was just playing games

    • Marcus Fowler

      turn it off first then try to get it into fast boot then go to revcovery mode

    • Liza Michelle O’Neil

      My HTC One m7 did that also.. I was told it was done & sold another phone.. sadly I still have it HTC One m8 the 1st release w the software glitch.. miss Cybill (my old m7)

  • lost and waiting

    am in the middle of downgrading my rom using RUU zip (since i can’t find the exe version), how is it suppose to take

  • brandon

    thank you sooooo much if i hadnt had done this on my htc one a9 it would have been stuck in bootloop, you helped me out big time, thank you

  • Master of Desaster

    I recently tried to update my htc one a9 to marshmallow. Since then
    my phone is stuck on bootloop (htc bootscreen and app optimizing).

    Its a stock phone without any custom rom or root access.

    Is there a way to fix this without loosing all of my data on the phone?

  • Biplab Ghosh

    My HTC is stuck at boot screen.

    I didnot root it .. I guess it has some software problem.

    so wanted to reinstall stock rom.

    tried this method, but it failed saying

    bootloader checking…

    remote signature verify fail.

    so i downloaded anther RUU .. and this time it failed saying

    data length is too large.

    i dunno what to do anymore.

    the HBOOT code os the device is

    HBOOT 3.19.0 OS 2.34.720.1


    please help

  • Connor Belli

    Who knew pressing random buttons was so effective?

  • EsseyG

    My HTC m8 was stuck at boot screen. But thanks for this article author he saved my phone, I just pressed voume up & down & power button at the same time till it reboots again.