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How to Unbrick LG G2

Tweaking your LG G2 is easy but unfortunately it is not always safe. If for example you are using guides that haven’t been previously tested you can end up in messing things up and also in damaging or bricking your Android smartphone. So, then you will find yourself in a delicate situation as you will have to unbrick the LG G2 by yourself – you can’t take your phone to service since you have applied an unofficial procedure as the warranty has been void. Because of that I have decided to develop this dedicated tutorial which can easily teach you how to fix a damaged or bricked LG G2.

Now, during the guidelines from below you can find several ways that can be used for repairing your Android device. So read all the lines and see which procedure to apply in your case. You have it all detailed here so don’t hesitate and check it all out. Do note that in case your device is severe damaged and you cannot apply the steps from below for unbrick it, the only solution you can take is the one where you go with your LG G2 back to service for technical assistance – but let’s hope you don’t have to do so.

You can say you have a bricked LG G2 when your phone can’t be used in normal way. For example you notice that you device runs with lags, there are numerous bugs, the screen and the apps freezes constantly, the battery drain fast, your phone gets stuck in a boot loop, it always boot in recovery mode and so on. These problems might happen due to various reasons but in most of cases the users are experiencing issues after performing operations like gaining root access, unlocking the bootloader, updating with a custom ROM firmware, installing a custom recovery image, flashing a custom kernel, overclocking the device, removing bloatware or in built programs and so on.

All the mentioned procedures are unofficial ones and when performing the same the warranty of your LG G2 gets void – because the binary flash counter will be increased. Now, if you end up in damaging or bricking your Android smartphone, you shouldn’t panic as you can use different methods that can repair your device. The best methods are being explained during the guidelines from below, so you are in the right place.

Before completing the steps from the proper guide, if possible save the data that is there on the internal storage memory of your LG G2. By applying the unbrick method all of your data will be erased, so you will lose your personal info, data and accounts along with contacts list, call logs, market apps, internet settings and so on. The best will be to use dedicated apps from Google Play, but as mentioned before only if you can use your smartphone; else you should skip this procedure as there is nothing you can do.

At the same time, you need to make sure that you can use a computer, your Android device and its USB cable. Now, on your computer it is recommended to deactivate the security protection as the antivirus or antimalware tools might interfere with our work. Moreover, you should charge your phone before doing anything else – plug in the charger especially if there is less than 50% power left, else you can skip this step. Also, remember that the procedures from below are compatible only with the LG G2 and with no other Android device. Furthermore, the steps have been tested only on the mentioned device, so the same will not work on any other smartphone or tablet.

How to Unbrick LG G2

Hard Reset LG G2

It is important to know that most of the problems can be resolved with a hard reset. Whether we are talking about lags, bugs or boot loops, a hard reset might be the perfect solution in which you can unbrick your LG G2. Of course, this method can be applied only if you can use the Volume Down and Power buttons of your device, or if you can enter your LG G2 in recovery mode. If not, you should then proceed to the next section of this step by step tutorial. Anyway, you can easily learn how to hard reset the LG G2 by using our dedicated tutorial.

How to fix boot loop issues

In case your smartphone is stuck in a boot loop you should try to wipe the system (factory or hard reset) and clear cache. A boot loop might happen after applying an official or custom Android update, or after flashing a pre-rooted firmware and so on. Anyway, learn how to unbrick your LG G2 by following:

  • Enter your LG G2 in recovery mode.
  • Then use the recovery mode and clear cache.
  • In order to do so select “wipe cache partition”.
  • Return to recovery menu and select “wipe dalvick cache”.
  • Go back to main menu of recovery and select “reboot system now” in order to boot into Android OS.
  • Don’t forget to make a hard reset too.

How to manually install stock Android OS on your LG G2

If the methods from above aren’t useful then you need to try to downgrade your Android smartphone to stock firmware; of course you will do it manually.

  1. First of all on your computer download the stock firmware for your device; thus from here get the Verizon ROM, from here the T-Mobile firmware and from here the software compatible with other variants of the LG G2.
  2. Also, on your computer download LG Mobile support tool – go to this page.
  3. Moreover, get the flash tool from here and the G2 USB drivers from here.
  4. Unzip the flash tool on your computer, preferable on desktop.
  5. Then install the B2CAppSetup.exe executable file.
  6. Use the same program and install the USB drivers.
  7. Enter your LG G2 in download mode (of course connect it with your computer via USB cable).
  8. From your computer run the UpTestEX.exe executable file.
  9. Now from the window that opens upload the KDZ file and set “3GQCT”, “DIAG”; also click on the “NORMALL WEB UPGRADE TEST” option.
  10. Open the pop up window dubbed as „read phone information” and click on the “Upgrade Start” button.
  11. On “Select Country & Language” choose Republic of Korea, select English as default language and proceed.
  12. Now the flashing procedure will start.
  13. In the end your phone will reboot automatically.
  14. Remove the USB cord as you are done.

Good job; hopefully now you have unbricked your LG G2. If you are still having problems with your phone, use the comments area from below and share the issues with us and we will assist you as soon as possible. Also share your experience with us and with other users who might have a damaged Android smartphone.

LG G2 Articles

  • Andrew Taylor

    My AT&T G2 appears to be in a neverending bootloop. I cannot turn it off, I cannot perform a hard reset, and I cannot enter download mode. No matter what button combo I use, I get a secure booting error – LG logo + about 5 seconds of tiny white text at the top of the screen, followed by the screen going dark (but not shutting off). Any ideas?

    • Theo

      I’ve got the same Issue, and I’m mid way through this procedure. I’ll post if it works or not.

      • Owen

        Any luck with this? My G2 has the same issues and I havent found a solution that works

    • Derek

      Same Exact Problem Here, I don’t know how many forums I’ve checked. Nothing works for me.

    • MyLGfans

      LG G2 Stuck at TWRP?

      “LG G2 Bricked, keeps going right back to the recovery”

  • Aaron C

    I can not get my G2 into download mode. What do I do from here?

    • semir

      Hi guys I have the same problem I performed d802 stock firmware update on my T-Mobile d801 and I really am screwed, I tried pushing IMG files using adb and I somehow messed it up so bad that even linux cant read my phone, it only stays on the lg logo when I power it on and does not go into download mode or won’t start after hard reset, what should I do please

      • Memo San Roman

        Same problem here, from what I can see it is completely screwed, am I right?

        • Did you find a solution, I am having it right now?

          • shreyash patil

            same here plz help

          • I did fix it. Just search for SRK Tool in Google, it helped me fix it. It unbricked the download mode, and then I flashed it to the stock rom.

          • shreyash patil

            Dear Zentaro,
            Thanks for the reply I have tried SRK tools 2.0 can you tell me which version you used

      • Did you find a solution?

  • Caspar Tijssen

    I performed all the steps but after setting country and language (step 11) I had to wait, then it said that my phone was not up to date and after that nothing happens. It isn’t flashing.

  • Mikkel

    I cant get my phone into download mode, because when the LG logo appears it just say: “Cause: Boot certification verify”
    What to do?

  • God

    Hi, for the rest of restoring steps, do they work for Aussie D802T as well? My phone bricked, could access to TWRP and download mode.

    Some told me to wipe the dalvik cache, but other told me because Autorac downgraded the kernel, and D802 kernel couldn’t boot D802T, so wiping will of no use???

    I want to keep my personal data if easy to do so.

    Many thanks!

  • Ahmed Ath-har

    My LG L2 had a bootloop TRWP.
    Nothing was working, then suddenly it went black . No Screen, no battery light while charging, no recog from computer, no adb, nothing when i plug it onto the Computer. i searched tons of forums and threads, but my phone does not do anything..please help

    • Bob

      Hi. Did you get this fixed? Exact same thing happened to mine, although I was using PhilZ recovery…

    • Christian McGregor

      Anything? Mine is doing the same

      • Ahmed Ath-har

        No..???? nd there was no way to fix it in The Maldives…so I had to buy a new phone..However some users on xda stated that they got theirs fixed from lg service centers. Motherboard replacement.

  • mario

    mine LG G2 was stuck in boot loop. I connected it to lg mobile support tool and luckily software showed me that I need to update my phone. LG tool downloaded kitkat, reinstaled and phone now works flawlessly.

    • Prancis Ko

      hi, did the PC detect your phone since it was stuck on boot loop? mine too was stuck on boot loop and my PC couldn’t detect it.

  • robin sundin

    I cant log into my google acounts. Its some broken google files that makes it impossible to log in. Please help.

  • christopher_roung

    when i press the ”upgrade start” button, a window pops up and says that ”lg mobile update s/w is already running”, and i cant upgrade my phone. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andy Dawson

    i can get into download mode and flash my stock rom but i need to factory reset and flashing doesnt do this grrrrr!

  • MyLGfans

    Hi, All, It seems not able to post links here.
    Just google xda unbrick g2 with lg mobile support tool.
    it is easy, no pain to recover your phone.
    or use LG PC suite to recover your phone.

  • ravasquez

    Hello, a friend brings me a LG G2 ls980 because have’s the boot loop into twrp, reading a searching around two days i find out that the phone is the sprint model so them and t-mobil uses another flash tool that reads .tot rom files, so if you get this issue search un xda-developers forum a thread about get stock rom back for tmobil G2, all the need files to flash back to stock are there.

  • Mario Roman Guijarro

    let me tell you my history with my lg g2, after i was trying to update my phone, i can’t get my phone into download mode, just i can see a black screen when i try to turn on the phone but the logo of LG never display into the screen, after a lot of failed attempts, i have decided to try the method with ubuntu, but don’t work for me, just i finally get a really hard brick phone, so the last chance that i have was send my phone to warranty but i really was thinking that lg support department will not make me valid the warranty, but what a surprise when they tell me that the phone can’t be repaired and they give me the Lg G3 without any charge

    • francesco

      Are you serious? Did it really went that way? Where are you from? I’d like to ear more about your story cause I just bricked my LG

    • francesco

      Ehi, can you tell more the details?

  • salvy

    Hi so my phone actually wont get past the the 2nd step of the updating process, when it gets to around 50% the sreen goes black and there are lines at the top left saying that certain apk’s or direcrotorys dont exist. What could be the issue? (Yes i rooted it a few months ago

  • daVID

    Hey guys i tried to flash an .img twrp file to lg g2 verizon (rooted) then i rebooted and it said verification failed then it went black now it doesent turn on the light wont flash when i connect charger help i just got it in the mail!!!!

    • Dhiraj paamdey

      Hi Dev bro…same problem with me ..did you fixes your phone my no.7507936758 Plz help me ….i would be highly thankfull to you

  • Averine

    I got into download mode and installed stock ROM using LG Flash Tool, but after installation my lg g2 shows unfortunately com.android.systemui has stopped. I’m not able to do anything on the phone since the message pops up again and again even if I press ok. And the ROM is still the old one. Can’t select anything on the phone.

    Please help.

  • aftab

    Hi frends.
    If anyone facing lg g2 hardbricked issue like no download mod no recovery no fastboot not detecting in pc or stuck at lg logo or restarting and touch screen issue..
    I can solve it for free. 100% assurance…
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    Im from india new delhi.
    Or if u live in india then come at my home. Or courier your lg g 2 at my home address.
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    I will do it for free .

    If u live in other country then no prob or i can do it using teamveiwer by remotely accesing ur computer

    Or u cancan courier ur lg g2 at my home addressaddress.
    U have to pya only courier charges..
    I m an electronics engineer.
    U can search me at google..
    Just type aftabalam8c1 in goolge..u will find me easily.

    I will help u free if u can do yourself.
    Contact me at +918826464868 whats app on this no.

    Note….most of the user having this issue is due to refurbished phone..coz they have flashed wrong firmware…ur device is showing d802 but actualy it is d800 or d801 or something else.

    I will help u in unbricking ur lg g2

    Dont worry
    Whats app me

    • Memo San Roman

      Hello aftab,

      I currently do not have whatsapp (my G2 is stuck) and I live outside your country, how could you help me? I am really desperate, my phone is in excellent physical conditions and now is dead because of a failed update. Thank you!!!

  • cuckoo010

    EXTREEEEEEEMLY Helpful it was……done with unbricking!!!!!!!
    the procedure is totally working……except that “flash tool” it hangs “Not Responding”……so I downloaded it from somewhere else after googling…..i had lost my recovery file using TRWP “swipe” command……..there wasnt any OS in my device for last 8 hours :'(

  • it appears that the firmware for Korean version is not available for download. when you click on the download link, it says “not found” please help. I have LG F320K korean version. I am unable to boot as it cannot go beyond the logo phase. Please advice

  • Ashfaq

    I have restore to stock my lg g2 but now it having atuo rebooting issue please help

  • Memo San Roman

    My G2 just went from LG logo and then black, to eternal LG logo. Factory reset lasts forever, and my computer no longer recognizes the phone. Is there anything I can do to get it back? Download mode does not work either.

  • Javier Holos

    After an unsuccessful custom rom installation, my D806 thinks it’s an D802 . Tried the tot method and the kdz methods and both fail to restore stock rom…not 806 nor 802.
    kdz stops at 49%
    tot fails to verify fboot at the very end of the process.
    Read about someone who modified the DLL that goes with the tot changing D802 or 6 to avoid failing due to mismatched G2 variant.
    Any help on your side please?

  • Christian McGregor

    Someone tried rooting my phone for me… here’s the issue now: when I plug the charger in, I get a short vibration… and nothing more! Black screen, no logos or anything. Trying to get this fixed. Its my only phone

  • Ryan Overbeek

    I can’t get my computer to open the UpTestEX.exe executable file. My phone is in download mode, just can’t get the file open to download the stock firmware. Help!

  • Glenda Morey

    Hi I tried to flash cm12 beta on my lg g2 vs 80 and it rebooted and is now stuck in a boot loop I’m abe to access download mode and ttwrp.I stupidly did not make a backup and I need someones help.

    • Sumesh Mohanan

      the only thing that is advisable is to download lg’s flash tool and using a stock kdz firmware and flash it to the lg stock firmware and then proceed with furtther rooting if u need to.

  • Pette M.

    I flashed the wrong rom on my rooted G2 d805 and got a “fastboot mode started” problem which through an XDA tutorial landed me in a boot loop with “Security Error”.
    I can’t detect the G2 on any computer and neither does any button combination work, at all. No vibration when connected to the charger.

    I NEED A WAY OUT!!!!!

  • Christian McGregor

    Someone tried rooting my phone for me that was successful… they installed TWRP and here’s the issue now: when I plug the charger in, I get a short vibration… and nothing more! Black screen, no logos or anything. Trying to get this fixed. Its my only phone. Is there ANY fix?

  • Suneel Banerjee

    The LG Mobile support tool link is broken.

  • sameer

    Hi I upgraded the lg g2 but after update the screen is not working properly touch screen issue

    • Ahsan Umer

      Same issue here..
      After installing the firmware, the screen isn’t working properly and I can’t view anything. Also, the LED keeps on blinking.

      Please help.. I just purchased the cellphone and I’m stuck with it.

      Thanks in advance.

  • vick_85

    Tried updating rooted G2 D802 32gb to lollipop via LG support tool and device got bricked, stuck at LG logo + LED keeps blinking. Performed hard reset but still stuck at LG logo.

    I have downloaded the USB drivers and LG flash tool plus the KDZ file to do a CSE flash but USB debugging is not enabled.
    After clicking CSE flash I keep getting the error phone not connected to PC after the process has run upto 27% .
    I’ve read the post at XDA for going back to stock and followed the instructions to a T but still I cannot flash it.

    Phone CAN enter download mode and recovery.
    What should I do??

  • vick_85

    After flashing process starts it always gives error “the phone is disconnected from PC” even though its connected.
    What should I do??

    • vick_85

      I updated rooted D802 32GB to lollipop via LG support tool and let it complete fully and since then stuck on LG logo.

  • Sam B.

    I can’t get into download mode, I only get a black flashing screen. I can’t reset or get into recovery… not even LG G2 logo. Have I killed my phone? Any solution?

    • karthik

      Hi Sam,
      I am facing the same issue now….were u able to resolve it….pls reply …I am waiting…

      • Sam B.

        Nope… Sorry about that.

  • Nadav

    My phone just won’t react to anything- the screen keeps black and also the light on the back is off, no matter what it try (download mode, recover mode, hard reset…). Is there anything to do? Or is it just dead forever?
    The problem started all of a sudde, earlier it would just freeze for a few moments, but now it just turned off while using it and since then the situation is like this.

  • Ideh Kingsley

    hello guys i got lg g2 vs980, i successfully root it, and i tried flashing recovery image using autorec and my phone get stuck on fastboot loop. which i got info to flash laf.img, boot.img and aboot.img after dis i was able to goto download mode. my problem is dat i have downloaded the stock rom for my phone but when i try to flash it using lg LG_KDZ_FW-Update_OfflineFix it will start but stop at 49% on my phone and then restart again (looping) i don’t know what to do please help me……. anybody pls