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How to Unbrick Motorola Moto G

Manage to brick your Android device and looking for the best way to fix it? If so, then you are in the right place as during the present step by step guide I will show you how to easily unbrick your Motorola Moto G. This tutorial will take you through the fixing process of Moto G, the steps and guidelines here being compatible only with the mentioned device. So, read all the lines from this tutorial and try not to mess things up; also complete all the steps from below if you want to succeed in unbricking your Motorola Moto G.

What is a bricked or damaged Android device?

First of all you should know why and how can you brick your Motorola Moto G. Usually, you can damage the system of an Android smartphone or tablet when performing unofficial operations without using dedicated and tested tutorials. For example you can brick your Moto G while trying to gain root access, unlock the bootloader, install a custom recovery image, install a custom kernel, overclock the CPU, update with a custom ROM firmware and so on. All these are custom and risky operations and by completing the same the warranty of your device will get void. Thus, if bricked you need to learn how to manually and by yourself fix your damaged Moto G.

A bricked Android device can’t run properly and you can’t use its Android system. Basically your device might get stuck in a boot loop, it might freeze on a boot, or you might not be able to turn it off or on. Also, you can tell you have a damaged device, if the battery drain is a problem, if the handset is slow, if the Android OS runs with lags and so on. But, fortunately for you, all these problems can be fixed by using a dedicated step by step tutorial. For the Motorola Moto G you have the present guide which will easily show you the best ways in which you can unbrick your beloved phone.

What to do first

First of all, if possible you need to backup the data which is saved on your Moto G (on phone’s internal storage memory). By completing the steps from below, your data will be wiped out and you will lose everything that’s important to you and here I mean contacts list, call logs, market apps, internet settings and even personal info, data and accounts. You can anytime use in this matter free distributed backup and restore apps from Google Play. If you can’t use your phone for completing a backup operation, then skip this section.

Up next, make sure that you can use a computer, your Moto G and its USB cable. Your smartphone should be charged – the battery status should display at least 50% power left; if not plug in the charger before doing anything else. On your computer you should temporarily deactivate the security protection, because antivirus-like programs might interfere with our work. On your computer the Motorola Moto G drivers must be installed.

How to Unbrick Motorola Moto G

How to Hard Reset your Android device

The easiest way in which you can fix your bricked Moto G is by completing a hard reset or factory reset operation. You can learn how to do that by using the dedicated step by step guide from here. Now, when completing this procedure the data of your phone will get wiped out, so don’t forget about the backup mentioned above.

How to fix Moto G with boot loop issue

After manually updating with an official firmware or with an Android based custom ROM software, your Moto G might get stuck in a boot loop. You can try to resolve this problem by using the steps from below:

  1. Enter your Moto G in recovery mode.
  2. From there select “wipe cache partition”.
  3. Also, from main menu of recovery select “wipe dalvick cache”.
  4. Furthermore, you can make a hard reset or factory reset at this point for being sure that the problem has been successfully fixed.
  5. Then, go back to main menu of recovery.
  6. Select “reboot system now”.

How to fix Moto G that enters in recovery mode automatically

This problem can be easily fixed on devices that have support for Micro SD card (basically you need to format a memory card in FAT32 system and flash the stock OS from there); but unfortunately, on Moto G we can’t place a micro SD card, so you will have to apply other methods instead. For example you can try to unroot your phone – in case root access has been previously performed, or you can proceed to the next section of this tutorial for downgrading to stock Android OS.

How to flash stock Android OS on Motorola Moto G

  1. On your computer download the stock Android firmware file compatible with your model of Motorola Moto G from here.
  2. Also, on your computer download the RSD Lite program from here.
  3. Install the RSD Lite software on your computer by following the on screen prompts.
  4. Then unzip the stock Android OS package; preferable on desktop.
  5. From the extracted folder find a .XLM file and open the same using Notepad (right click on the mentioned file and choose “open with…” and select “notepad” from the list).
  6. Find any line that has the word getvar (step operation = “getvar”) in it and delete the line then save the .xml file.
  7. Open RSD Lite on your computer.
  8. Load the firmware file on the program (the edited .xml file).
  9. Enter your Moto G into fastboot mode.
  10. Connect your smartphone with your computer by using the phone’s USB cord.
  11. If everything works as explained, from RSD click on “start”.
  12. The Android OS will now be flashed on your Moto G.

Good job; you have successfully unbricked your Motorola Moto G smartphone. Do note that if you can’t manage to enter recovery mode, or fastboot mode on your Moto G, then is quite hard to fix your bricked Android device and you will probably have to take your Moto G back to service. Anyway, that was all for now, so feel free an feedback us by using the comments field from below.

Motorola Moto G Articles

  • rohan

    i accidentally wiped all the files after rooted usage..my phone now goes through the bootlogo and get stuck with a black screen! i can go to the bootloader screen and also the cwm recovery is still there!

    i cannot find the firmware for my indian 1033 dual sim variant..any other way to unbrick? maybe a compatable custom rom? with sideload! sd card not possible as unable to switch on the device!

    please help!..thank you in advance!

    • rjuez

      i can help you connect your phone into the computer with the propper drivers installed and then install adb minimal
      open it and check that your phone is connected by fastboot devices if it appears a line with numbers it means is connected and then you write fastboot erase userdata then you will start the phone and if it continues to do the same enter into the recovery download any rom for it i recomend you cyanogenmod and then you do all the wipes and install the .img and vuala!

  • balaji adithya

    i have the same problem

  • Sina Türeli

    wipe cache worked for me

  • Kronos5959

    I had CyanogenMod 11 installed on my Moto G XT1032, decided I wanted to get rid of it,

    I booted to recovery, wiped everything and restarted my phone. It got stuck at the logo screen.

    I have looked at many websites to try and fix it and what I found out is that my pc recognizes that it is there but in the device manager it has an error sign on the driver. I have uninstalled the driver and reinstalled, and tried to sideload a stock rom onto it with adb but it doesn’t work. Here, I can do all the steps until I have to press start in RSD, but then again, an error will say device not found or it won’t do anything
    Help please!

  • Abbey C

    There was no ‘getvar’ anywhere in the .xml file for my phone (Moto G 4.4.2 Republic Wireless) so I didn’t delete anything. Then when my phone is plugged hitting start does nothing at all. I can see the phone is connected, it’s showing up as Fastboot falcon S. So now what? Why is RSD not doing anything?

    • Juancho

      Same issue, did you find any answer?

      • Abbey C

        Nope, I had to get a new phone and lost everything with the old one. Sorry!

      • Shreyas G Venkatesh

        even me!

  • Avinash N

    Hi, i had a moto g xt1033 dual sim indian version i then rooted my phone and converted it to the moto gpe version that is xt1032 ,it was all good i got a update to 4.4.4 from 4.4.2 then after installing my 4.4.4 update i got a update to 5.0.1 after downloading it during installation while rebooting the phone failed to startup and show the screen (i waited 5 hours so that it will start up on its own) that i sent in the image ,can anyone help me?is it bricked?or any other problem?

    • Z

      Did you find any solution? i Have the same issue!!

      • Avinash N

        nope got the motherboard changed

        • James Smith

          how much did it cost to change the motherboard.?

    • Shreyas G Venkatesh

      it is stuck in the boot loader. you can try installing a custom rom if it is still the same. to get out of the bootstuck, hold the power and volume downkey together at the same time until the phones screen turns off,keppp continueing and after 5 mins leave it u will go to fast boot, then go to recovery and erase cache, and reboot the phone, it should hopefully work.

  • EnderGhoztt Plays

    i was trying to install gapps for my moto g on lollipop 5.0.1 and i accidently wiped for ROM and when i wanted to reinstall it it was deleted from my phon ive tried everything and i have no way of acsesing my phone. thereis no os installed and no .zip how do i fix this…

    • rjuez

      i can help you install adb minimal connect your phone into the computer and copy the rom into the files of the program adb minimal then write on the adb
      push (name of the recovery).img

  • Vedant Chandel

    it doesn’t recognise my device

    • rjuez

      intall motorola drivers

  • Dat Chineseguy

    I followed ALL the steps but didn’t managed to actually flash the rom i installed (stock rom).. And I got two .xlm files.. One being called ‘flashfile’ the other one being called ‘servicefile’, second thing’s that the system operation: ‘getvar’ DOESN’T even exist!! Please HELP!!

    • rjuez

      install adb minimal and connect the phone in fastboot mode open adb and wait ’til connects and write
      fastboot erase userdata

  • Edmund Ciego

    i tried it and it doesn’t work. i fallowed all the instructions and they went as instructed and suggested. when i click start nothing happened. help plz.

  • Deepak

    Has anyone got their phone working after getting into recovery loop by using this method ?

    • rjuez

      i recommend you to install adb minimal connect the phone in fastboot and write in adb:
      fastboot erase userdata
      and it worked for me

  • Will Øk

    I Have a Moto G (XT1031) (Boost Mobile) I tried Moving it to the Google Play edition of the phone (Stupid Mistake, Knowing that i could just put a few apps on it and make it look that way) anyway during the processes of doing it I finished it and went to turn my phone on and it was stuck in the Boot loop Thing and Was showing google it would cut on and cut off Continuously! I wondered what happen. so i did some research and found out that my phone was boot looped!(AKA BRICKED) I tried to fix it i found a document for the laptop Hooked my pc up to it to take of the Google play edition it worked i took off the edition but yet it was still Messed Up and Bricked! So i had to get a new phone. and i have had 2 new phones since and have had that phone in a Desk Shelf for the past 1 1/2 Years and im ready to switch back companies (cause i switched) but the moto g is the only phone i have for the company so i’m thinking about Trying to use this method to try and see if it woks…. I would love to have my moto g back! About the best phone i have EVER had!!! If you have any suggestions or anything please Email me! Popo6will@hotmail.com and I will provide the file To try and help (through email) if any of you want it

  • Jacob Tvaliashvili

    it cant fined gatvar. what i can do?

    • John Wilson

      It’s getvar, not ‘gatvar’

  • Harsh Rajput

    hey friend…can you help me….i have installed a custom recovery new g-os rom and got black screen while booting…!!

    then i turned back to TWRP recovery….and recovery is loading fine…but the touch is not working(I CANNOT SELECT TO WIPE THAT ROM)…in the recovery mode…!!>….help me..!!

  • Pablo Broardo

    The link is gone from “here”.
    Can anyone point me to the “stock Android firmware file compatible with Moto G XT1068”?

    I mean there is no link here

    How to flash stock Android OS on Motorola Moto G

    On your computer download the stock Android firmware file compatible with your model of Motorola Moto G from here.

  • Sahil

    Hello, Can you please tell me this. If I use RSD tool to flash the stock ROM, will it delete all my internal storage?

  • mav mav

    Hi. Is it possible to use ADB without Usb debug? My phone is in bootloop and fastboot devices show me the numbers so it is connected. Adb devices don’t work so i can’t recover my data

  • Justin Prabha

    step 5. what xml file

  • hari

    my moto xt1068 got blank while ota update
    how to unbrick it ……….

  • hari

    not going into recovery mode (xt1068)
    what to do…..?

  • ?????? ????

    This “article” is useless garbage.