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How to Unbrick OnePlus One with ease

OnePlus One comes pre-installed with CyanogenMod and brings unique features and an optimized and customized Android KitKat experience on the market. Of course, when you are an advanced Android user, you try anything in order to tweak your OnePlus One. Thus, you will choose to perform various custom and complex procedures such as gaining root access, installing a custom recovery image and so on. Well, while applying a custom operation you can end up in soft bricking your Android device. Well, if that happened, then you shouldn’t hesitate in applying the guidelines from below as we will be checking on how to unbrick the OnePlus One with ease.

The troubleshoot solutions from below will show you how to easily deal with soft related issues that might be experienced on your OnePlus One. How can you tell if your smartphone is soft bricked? Well, in case it runs with lags, bugs, with force close errors, or if screen freeze issues are reported often and even if boot loop issues are there, it means you are dealing with few software problems. Anyway, you shouldn’t panic as you will be able to easily fix these issues – do panic if your smartphone is hard bricked, as in that case you should take your OnePlus One back to service for technical assistance.

Soft related issues might be caused by custom operations, just as I have pointed out already. So, if you are used with root operations, with custom ROMs firmware and with other various procedures that are implying in changing default or in built settings, then you are also risking in damaging your phone. Do note that when applying custom operations, the warranty of your device will get void. So, in that case, taking your OnePlus One back to stock will imply in paying for the technical assistance and that can turn out to be an expensive ride. So, without worrying too much, you should first try to fix your bricked OnePlus One by using a manual troubleshoot solution, just like the present tutorial.

As you will see, by using the guidelines from below you will be able to revoke root access, to go back to stock CM ROM, to reflash the stock recovery and to relock the bootloader of your device. Basically, you will be able to restore your phone back to its initial state. So all the problems will be removed and you will be able to safely use your OnePlus One like in day one. But, before heading towards the troubleshoot method take a look over the list from below, where I have detailed the pre requisites tasks.

  • If possible, backup your data. It is important to know that by restoring your OnePlus One to its initial state you will also remove your data from its system.
  • So, as soon as possible use a cloud service or backup and restore apps from Google Play for saving everything that you might need afterwards – in that matter maybe you will want to save your contacts, call logs, market apps, text messages, internet settings, along with your personal data, info and accounts.
  • After completing the backup operation you should make sure that a Windows based computer can be used.
  • On the computer you are about to use, first of all, deactivate (only temporarily) the antivirus and any other security protection – the security tools might interrupt the processes from below.
  • On your phone it is important to enable the USB Debugging option – from “menu – settings – developer options”.
  • Also it will be a good idea to plug in the charger on your OnePlus One before doing anything else – if your device gets turned off during the troubleshoot solutions from below, it might get bricked (more than it currently is).
  • This tutorial is compatible only with the OnePlus One. So the unroot operation, along with the other steps from below, will work on for the mentioned device – try not to mess things up in that matter.
  • The steps from below have been developed by those of xda-developers – don’t forget to thanks the same for this step by step guide.

How to Unbrick OnePlus One with ease

Download and Install the proper tools on your computer

  1. First of all download Java for your OS from here.
  2. Install Java by following the on screen prompts (also close and restart browser in order to flash the program properly).
  3. Now download the OnePlus One toolkit from this page.
  4. Run the executable file and follow the on screen prompts for installing the software.
  5. Also install Android SDK on your computer.
  6. Connect your OnePlus One with your computer by plugging in the USB cable.

Downgrade to stock CM 11S

  1. Run the toolkit on your computer.
  2. Tap on “Enter Fastboot / Recovery mode” option.
  3. Then choose “Flash CM11S”.
  4. Wait while your OnePlus One is getting back to stock firmware.

Install Stock Recovery

  1. Once more, from the main menu of the toolkit tap on “Enter Fastboot / Recovery mode” option.
  2. Up next, select “Flash Recovery” and pick “Stock Recovery”.
  3. Wait while your smartphone is being installed with the stock recovery image.

Relock OnePlus One bootloader

  1. Again, select “Enter Fastboot / Recovery mode” option.
  2. Then tap on “OEM unlock”.
  3. The process will run automatically.
  4. In the end your device will reboot.
  5. You can then unplug the USB cord as you are done.

So, that was all; hopefully now your OnePlus One is running without any other issues. Therefore, this is how you can unbrick your Android powered smartphone by downgrading to stock CM 11S firmware, installing stock recovery and unlocking the bootloader – of course, root access will be revoked too. Do share your results and tell us how things worked for you – use the comments field in that matter. Also, share your thoughts with other users who might want to follow and apply this troubleshoot tutorial.

  • Eugene Markman

    I can’t access the phone at all; it’s stuck in a reboot loop. I was in a wedding party and before I try to restore anything, I want to know if it’s possible to salvage all of the pictures and video’s that I took.

    • Intekhab

      Dear Eugene, I am in a similar situation as on today! Can u tell me if you got some help…? I have all my daughter’s photos for past one year and it is precious to me…how do I stop this endless reboot after latest update to 6.0.1 (Android) and CYN 13

      • Eugene Markman

        Unfortunately there was no solution. Now I backup to google photos automatically

  • mbadboyp

    Tell me how to unbrick it if you cant enable usb debugging mode? What if you dont have OS on you phone at all?

    • edgar

      did you find an answer to unbricking without usb debugging

  • harryjamesuk

    Thanks for this!

  • jesus

    my computer wont ready the phone when i plug it in. what should i do?

  • Fa Ken Masters

    any tips for hard brick/partition loss?

  • Fa Ken Masters

    how to recover from hard brick tho?

  • Harry

    Thank you soooo much. My friend was going crazy 😉

  • Jon Cowden

    I had to:
    Use USB DRivers Tool from OnePlus and delete anything resembling the a0001
    reinstalled drivers, qualcomm driver
    press and hold power 15 seconds
    plug in
    press vol+ and power until recognized in device mgr or in MSMinstaller as COM… Also I had to hardline in instead of wireless
    Press Start and should go till green.

    Mine does.. BUT I have this issue where after booting the kernel, the screen goes black… Like where the first screen to choose language would be… just black…. But thescreen works during POST……