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How to Unbrick Sony Xperia Z1

Do you want to use a dedicated procedure in order to safely unbrick your Sony Xperia Z1? Well, of course you do, so because of that, read the guidelines from below in order to learn how to fix a bricked Xperia Z1. Now, during the following lines we will be checking on how to resolve the most common issues that you might get on your smartphone and we will also check how to resolve a hard and a soft brick, so don’t hesitate and check it all out.

A bricked Android smartphone represents a device that can’t be used properly. So, you can tell you have a bricked Xperia Z1 if you can’t use your phone at all, or if you can use it partially. For example, in some cases you notice that your Xperia Z1 runs with lugs, there are numerous bugs and you get various force closes errors. In other cases you might notice that your phone is stuck in a boot loop, or that you can’t boot into Android OS, or turn off/ on your device. The most complicated situation is when you can’t do anything with your device and when plugging in the charger, pressing volume up / down / power buttons has no effect at all.

All these are issues that are describing a bricked Sony Xperia Z1. Anyway, even though fixing your Android smartphone depends on the problem you have – you can easily remove the problems or you can spend many hours in trying to fix the issues – the best is that now you can do it by yourselves without taking your phone back to service. As you know, usually the Xperia Z1 gets bricked while you are applying unofficial operations, which means that the warranty gets void, thus when going back to service you will have to pay for the official assistance, which usually is quite expensive.

Because of that and for many other reasons you should fix your bricked Xperia Z1 by yourselves and by using dedicated step by step tutorials like the present one. In order to clear things out, here is how you can damage or brick your Android smartphone: by unlocking the bootloader, by rooting the system, by flashing a custom recovery image, by updating with a custom ROM firmware or by applying any other unofficial operation. Because of that, before performing something on your phone, ensure that the tutorial you are using has been previously tested and proved safe.

Now, if you can still partially use your Xperia Z1, before starting the proper step by step guide, take your time and backup your data. Since we will fix the bricked Xperia Z1, all of your personal info, data and accounts that are on the internal storage memory will be wiped out. So, use compatible backup and restore apps from Google Play and save everything that you might use afterwards, including text messages, call logs, contacts list, market apps and so on.

On the other hand, the best will be to charge your phone before doing anything else. Just plug in the charger even if you can’t manage to use your phone in any way. Also, a computer will be required and the best will be to deactivate the security protection that is featured on the mentioned PC. The phone’s USB cable should also be near you as a connection between your smartphone and computer will have to be established. Furthermore, if possible, on your device enable USB debugging option from path “menu – settings – developer options”.

Good; that was all about the pre requisites task – just remember though that this guide is compatible only with the Sony Xperia Z1, so don’t use the steps from below in case you have a different or similar Android smartphone or tablet – you will end up in messing things up.

How to Unbrick Sony Xperia Z1

Make a Hard Reset

If you can still use the volume down / up and power buttons then you should try to make a hard reset. Usually this operation is fixing various problems like lags, bugs, boot loop issues and lot more. Therefore, don’t hesitate and wipe the system of your device – do note that your data will be erased when making a hard reset, so don’t forget about the backup.

Resolve boot loop problems

In addition to the hard reset operation you should also clear cache. In this way you can safely resolve force close errors and various boot loops issues. Thus fixing a bricked Xperia Z1 in that matter will be easy. All you have to do is to follow the next steps.

  • Enter recovery mode on Xperia Z1.
  • From the recovery mode menu first select “wipe data factory reset”.
  • Then from the main menu of recovery select “wipe cache partition”.
  • Go back, choose “advance” and pick “wipe dalvick cache”.
  • Return and select “reboot system now”.

How to fix soft bricked Sony Xperia Z1

  1. On your computer download the latest version of Fastboot (from here) and the stock Android OS firmware.
  2. Install Fashtool on your computer by following the on-screen prompts.
  3. Also install Fashtool drivers on your computer.
  4. Now go to the fashtool folder and copy-paste the software file on the firmware section.
  5. Run flashtool on your computer.
  6. Turn off your Xperia Z1 and enter it in fastboot mode.
  7. Connect your handset with your computer by plugging in the USB cord.
  8. From Flashtool click on the thunderbolt icon and make sure that flashmode is selected.
  9. Now select the stock firmware.
  10. Click on “flash” and wait while the software is being applied on your device.

How to fix hard bricked Sony Xperia Z1

  1. Again, download the latest version of flashtool on your computer and the stock firmware (see the guide from above).
  2. Since your device is hard bricked you need to flash everything except the system.
  3. Thus install using flashtool the KERNEL, ELABEL, BOOTBUNDLE, AND BASEBAND so that there is no risk of a mismatch.
  4. So, do that by using the mentioned program, just like I have showed you during the previous install operation.
  5. For more info check our source page from here.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed our step by step tutorial which means that you now know how to unbrick the Sony Xperia Z1. Do use the comments field from below if you want to talk with us or if you have something to share with our readers or with the users who might want to use this guide.

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