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Unlock the Bootloader, Root and Install Custom Recovery on LG Optimus G LS970

The Sprint version of the LG Optimus G, which has the LS970 model number, can now be easily unchained from the factory restrictions and default setting as thanks to those of xda-developer we can unlock its bootloader, root the system and install a custom recovery image on the same. So if you choose to complete this step by step guide you will be able to free your handset and also prepare it for other complex operations that can be used for improving and customizing the performances and the capabilities of your phone. You have it all explained below, so let’s get started.

As mentioned, unlocking the bootloader, rooting and installing a custom recovery image on the Optimus G is possible thanks to those of xda-developers. The XDA Developers member TheShadow1 had created the GAIO package which can be used for performing all the operations described above, though the GAIO file is not compatible yet with the ZV9 version of firmware, so first check the version of software that is running on your Sprint LG Optimus G. As you will see below, there are only a few steps to complete, as the GAIO package is offering an intuitive solution for gaining root access, unlocking the bootloader and flashing a recovery image on your Android based smartphone.

But before explaining the actual procedure, you must first ensure that applying this tutorial is what you need for your Optimus G. Unlocking the bootloader means that you will make changes on the small program that is running each time you boot your phone. So, by unlocking the bootloader you can power up the speeds of your device and also have access to some internal files. This is the first step that must be applied if you want to free your Optimus G.

Then, we have the root operation. Well, by gaining root access, you will actually remove all the factory and default restrictions and settings from your Sprint LG Optimus G LS970. In this way you can access the OS and the internal system for customizing and optimizing the same. After rooting you will be able to install complex apps, improve the battery life, gain more speed by removing the in-built tools and programs, and a lot more.

Finally, you will install a custom recovery image on your Optimus G. First, you should know that a recovery tool can be flashed only on a rooted system. Then, this app is usually used for completing maintenance, backup, restoration, customization and optimization operations. And also, by using the same app you can easily update your LG Optimus G with a custom ROM firmware or with beta software that aren’t official released.

As you can see all the explained tasks from above are not official ones; this is leading to the most important aspect of the present step by step guide: the warranty. By completing this tutorial you will lose the LG warranty, which can be restored only by downgrading to the stock ROM, or by updating the Optimus G LS970 with an official Android OS. Then, the bootloader will be relocked and the root access revoked.

Now, if you want to use GAIO for unlocking the bootloader, rooting and installing a custom recovery image on your Sprint Optimus G, I recommend you to backup your data first. You can end up in losing all of your personal saves, so for avoiding the unpleasant situations use the cloud for storing the contacts, save the markets apps, messages, call logs and everything else you need to. Then, you need to have access to a Windows / Linux running computer with Java installed. Also, the smartphone and its USB cable should be there.

On the computer and device uninstall the antivirus and Firewall protection because these tools might interfere with our work. Due to same reasons, charge the battery of your phone (make sure that there is minimum 60% power left), or else the Optimus G might get turned off and bricked. Enable the USB debugging option on your handset (go to “Settings -> Developer Options -> USB Debugging”) and apply this tutorial only if you own the Sprint LG Optimus G model number LS970, as the following steps has been developed only for the mentioned smartphone.

How to Unlock the Bootloader, Root and Install CWM Recovery on LG Optimus G LS970

  1. On your computer use the link from here and download the GAIO tool.
  2. Then, connect the handset with the computer by using its USB cord.
  3. Ensure that the phone is in “Charge only” mode.
  4. On your computer run the GAIO tool.
  5. If your PC is running Windows, first install the proper drivers.
  6. Now, from the menu that opens select the desired options: “Root LG Optimus G”, “Unlock bootloader”, or “Install custom recovery”.
  7. That’s all; the app will now do its work.
  8. In the end, boot into Fastboot. You might not see the fastboot menu, but press the “Volume Down” button twice for entering into recovery mode.

Well done, you have managed to free your smartphone. Now your Sprint LG Optimus G has been successfully rooted, installed with a custom recovery image and has an unlocked bootloader. You can safely look forward in updating your device with a custom ROM firmware or easily improve its performances and capabilities. If you have questions or if you want to share your experience with us and with other users feel free and use the comments area from below.

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