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How to Unlock the Motorola RAZR I Bootloader

If you want to take full advantage of the recently released Motorola RAZR I handset, then you must consider in unlocking its internal system. In this way you can easily remove the factory restrictions, so that you can get more access to the phone OS and also change and improve the same. For that, you must read and complete the present step by step guide, from which you can learn how to manually unlock the Motorola RAZR I bootloader. This is being considered a risky and complex operation and for safely applying it you must check all the lines from below.

You need to unlock the RAZR I bootloader if you are looking forward in obtaining more power from your smartphone, or if you want to flash a custom ROM into its system. By updating your device with such a firmware, you will be able to install new features that cannot be found in the default version of the Android platform. Therefore, the performances will be upgraded and you will be able to enjoy an improved Android experience. We will bring custom updates suitable with the RAZR I shortly after this, so unlocking the bootloader is no longer an option for you.

The bootloader is a small program, quite similar with the one featured on your computer or notebook. Each time you reboot or turn on your smartphone, the bootloader will be running. The program is being used for loading the OS into the RAM memory and for initializing some essential apps for your device. Now, when you buy a handset it will usually be delivered with a locked bootloader. Therefore, if you want to make changes or apply other operations on your phone, you must first unlock the RAZR I. This can be done only by following a suitable tutorial, just like the present one. Read all carefully and just apply the steps from below.

As you are about to unlock your phone, you should know that this operation isn’t supported by Motorola. That means the warranty will get void. So, this is why you must be sure that you are doing everything as it should; else you risk in bricking your RAZR I and I know you don’t want that to happen. The warranty can be restored by updating your handset with an official update released by Motorola and suitable with your smartphone; then the bootloader will be relocked. Furthermore, this tutorial was first developed and tested by those of xda-developers, so we have them to thanks for this opportunity.

Before heading to the proper steps, you should first take care of the pre requisites. It’s extremely important to complete the lines from the next list, or else you will not be able to safely unlock the bootloader of your Motorola RAZR I. You will have to perform a backup too, therefore, check our backup and restore tips mentioned below. You can then resume the tutorial and apply the procedure explained here.

  • You can begin the backup by using a custom recovery image for saving the current ROM.
  • For those who need to backup the text messages, I recommend to download SMS backup and restore tools for Android.
  • The contact list is one of the most important data from your phone; save it by syncing with your Gmail account.
  • You can backup the call logs by downloading suitable backup and restore apps for Android.
  • Use a computer or SD card if you want to save other files from your smartphone.
  • A Windows running computer, the USB cord and of course, your RAZR I is being required.
  • Charge the handset before starting, or else it can get turned off in the middle of the procedure.
  • Deactivate the security programs which are being running on your computer and on your device. These tools can interfere with our work by interrupting the procedure.
  • Do not apply the steps for a different handset (the tutorial is just for the unlocking the Motorola RAZR I bootloader) as you can easily end up in bricking it.

How to Unlock the Motorola RAZR I Bootloader

  1. Go to Motorola’s website by clicking on the link from here, and read everything from there. In this way you will now all about the operation you are about to perform.
  2. Download the tool from here.
  3. Save the file on your Windows running computer.
  4. Connect the handset with the PC by using its USB cord.
  5. On the PC open command prompt: “Start -> run -> cmd”.
  6. Type the next command: “fastboot oem get_unlock_code”.
  7. Now, go to Motorola’s web page and login there by using your Gmail account.
  8. Then, a code will be emailed to you.
  9. Copy the code on a “notepad” window.
  10. Remove the INFO/(bootloader) / any spaces the code has and save the file.
  11. Copy the code and enter it here.
  12. On the page that opens, choose the “can my device be unlocked” option.
  13. If your handset can be unlocked then press on “Request Unlock Code”.
  14. A new code will be emailed to you.
  15. Now, return to cmd and enter the command “fastboot oem unlock UNQIUE_KEY”.
  16. The Motorola RAZR I bootloader will be unlocked.

Congratulations, the Motorola RAZR I is now unlocked. You have finally succeeded in unlocking the bootloader, so now you can consider in performing other operations on and with your phone. Installing a custom recovery image or updating with a custom ROM firmware are just some methods that can be applied on your RAZR I, so stay close for suitable guides as we will bring the same to you. But until then, do tell us (by using the comments area from below) how things worked for you, or if you had problems while trying to perform the above steps; we will try to do our best in order to help you make it through.

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