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Unlock Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 Bootloader with EZ-Unlock

EZ-Unlock for Unlocking Verizon Galaxy S3 Bootloader

As you know, the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 cannot have its bootloader that easily but, now,  you can finally use this guide here and learn how to correctly unlock your smartphone. Make sure that your device is rooted before applying the tutorial.

Some guys at rootzwiki and XDA managed to create several tools that you can use to unlock the bootloader of your Verizon variant of Galaxy S3 using an One-Click application from Google’s Play Store. For the moment this application will only unlock your device, as the ‘re-lock’ function ins’t supported and you cannot restore the lock state.

The application that you will use is called VZW GS3 EZ-Unlock (Bootloader) and it has been created by ‘mmmeff’. If you wish to use this tool on your Verizon SGS3 you will need to root your device and a guide to help you do that can be found here. If your device is already rooted then you can move straight to the tutorial guide.

Now that you’ve read all of the above, I think that now you’re ready to unlock your smartphones bootloader with this 1-click unlocking utility for SGS3. Here’s what steps you need to take so that you’ll apply all the steps successfully.

How to unlock Verizon GS3 Bootloader using 1-click EZ-Unlock app

  1. Download the Verizon Galaxy S3 unlock bootloader app from Play Store HERE.
  2. Wait for the 1-click unlock app to install successfully and after that launch it.
  3. Click the huge Unlock button and then the device’s bootloader will be unlocked.

That’s it, your device was unlocked and now you can install CWM recovery and custom ROMs and other root-based applications to improve your Verizon Galaxy S3 performances. Remember that this application only unlocks your device and it isn’t capable of re-locking it, which means that you should return to our website in the near future as we will post new tutorials and instructions that you could use to re-lock the phone.

If you have any extra questions or you hit any roadblocks, please use the comment field and ask for our help.


  • Markinthemaking

    will this process allow me to use the phone on Tmobile or AT&T?

  • Arman Erfanfar

    no, the sprint & verizon versions of the phone(http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_s_iii_cdma-4799.php) dont support GSM. However, you may use the phone on any CDMA carriers 🙂

    • Jose

      I am using a Verizon Galaxy s3 with tmobile. Cant you understand it has both GSM and CDMA.

      • Aalap Sharma

        Hi Jose,

        I am also using Verizon S3 with tmobile. is mobile data working for you? I have the call and text working but no data? How did you fix that?

        • Juan Torres-Flores

          just add the correct apn

          • George Civic O

            whats the correct APN?

      • XBuilder_BoyX

        Dude. What service provider are you using Verizon or TMobile, you cant have both.

  • Arman Erfanfar
  • deca2499

    Actually, I have a Verizon GS3 that is still ‘locked’. This device is not activated and has GSM onboard and with a SIM card will work on GSM network. Including ATT & Tmobile. I tested this by going to an AT&T store and borrowed one of their SIM cards to test. I called my Sprint cell phone and went thru just fine. I did NOT, however, test the LTE or text messaging on the device. I guess I should go back and test it huh?

  • Ns

    I install super su on my Verizon samsung s3 model i535 version 4.0.4. I also install ez unlock and it’s showing me device status unlocked but its still only accepting Verizon sim. Can u tell me what I can do? Emails nishant_8899@yahoo.com

    • DRob

      this unlocks the boot loader nit the radios. it allows cwm or twrp to be installed to flash custom firmware

      • Juan Torres-Flores

        and the Verizon s3 comes factory unlocked anyway lol

        • Tyler Richardson

          No it doesn’t

          • it does .-.

          • Tyler Richardson

            Verizon will not host a phone with an unlocked bl. They hate root.

          • i’m referring to the unlocked radios

  • matthew zamecnik

    i cant find it in the play store

  • Juan Torres-Flores

    this wont work on stock 4.3 or 4.4.2 you will hard brick

    • sheraz

      i have solution for you

      • sheraz please tell me what is the solution. i am afraid i did the same. need urgent help. please

        • sheraz

          phone on ni ho ra?

  • Hess

    No longer there

  • burhan

    my galaxy s3 verizon wont turn on after using EZ-Unlock

    • Mike

      You learned a painful lesson i guess. Your comment is a year old. The oldest comment is 4 years old. This means that this article is at least 4 years old. You went ahead and tried those instructions 3 years after they were posted without doing any homework or research? In the technology world things change overnight and with the blink of an eye. Research, research research!