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Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 Price Around The World

Less than a week since Samsung unveiled their rumored and much anticipated smartphone from the Galaxy line-up, the S4 or I9500, the superphone got exclusivity on all tech based websites and even beyond that, enjoying a world-wide exposure covering all potential markets around the world. Now after the spec sheet is complete and some of the release dates are set, everybody is asking about the price of the smartphone. And we have no clue about this aspect, until Fortune found out a slightly clue about how much an Unlocked U.S. Samsung Galaxy S4 might cost. We’re looking at a $570 for, what we guess it’s a 16 GB S4. The amount was spotted in the rules of a contest which states that the retail value of Galaxy S4 is approximate and can be changed as no fixed amount was set yet for this device.

And a few hours later, guess what? It changed to $650 which is still an approximate retail value, but in our opinion, much closer to reality, as the unlocked iPhone 5 is being sold at $649. Now can say that the retail price of an unlocked 16GB Samsung Galaxy S4 will be close to $650, and no other major changes will occur, except for the classic “9” instead of “0”, as we are already used to see all around us.

Here is the exact paragraph where the price is set to be $570:

“First Prizes: 48 First Prizes will be awarded, each consisting of a Samsung Galaxy S 4 mobile device. Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): $579.”

And the updated version, with $650:

First Prizes: 48 First Prizes will be awarded, each consisting of a Samsung Galaxy S 4 mobile device. Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): $650: The mobile device pricing is approximate and subject to change based on retail pricing set by Sponsor and carrier partners once the mobile device is available for purchase. Any difference between the stated value and actual value once the mobile device becomes available at retail will not be awarded.

So we have the U.S. pricing list of Galaxy S4, but what about the rest of the countries where the smartphone has been announced to be released in the next months. We’ll have to cross the ocean, all the way to Europe, where three of the most important markets have already informed consumers about the pricing list.

First, we have U.K. which announced a  £529.98 for Galaxy S4 16GB Unlocked version. The release date for U.K. has been announced to be on 26 April, and you can already pre-order the smartphone. If we consider that the price includes VAT and if we transform pounds to dollars, we can notice that a 16 GB unlocked version of S4 is $802. Pretty spicy, but the old continent has a totally different market than the North American one.

Then we will take a look at Germany, who listed for pre-orders the Galaxy S4 on Deutschland version of Amazon,  at €699. The advantage of pre-ordering is that you’ll get a discount of €50.  €649 is still pricey compared to U.S., but in this case we have a solid offer and no doubts that the price might rise.

Moving on to Italy, where they have the same price as Germany, €699, with no additional discounts, and you can choose between black and white versions. Now among the other 155 countries that are expected to receive the smartphone, these are the only ones who placed a value on the smartphone, as for the others, we have no information yet, but as a good news, if the pricing in U.S. will remain at $650, we’ll have the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S4 in the world.

We’ll keep you updated with any new information that might occur regarding the world pricing of Galaxy S4.

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