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Unlocked Sony Xperia P UK Release date Revealed

You can all recall that at MWC Sony had an important part to play with its next line of Xperia smartphones, and that it managed to impress everybody present there with their new design and features. Thanks to this, many other enthusiasts have remembered that there is actually a Sony manufacturer that makes Android devices, and have been eagerly awaiting for the release of their favorite device. The whole new Xperia lineup was made up of three devices, the Xperia S, U and P. While the S flagship has been available for quite some time, the Xperia P is yet to make an official appearance, but things are about to change in the UK at least.

Two major retailers in the UK will start selling the Xperia P starting with the 7th of May, so if you are planning on grabbing one you should start saving up some cash. This midrange device from Sony will be priced at £330 by Clove for pre orders, and a little bit higher at £339 by Expansys under the same conditions. These prices are perfectly suited for the middle range class where the Xperia P will have to face some fierce competition from the likes of the HTC One S and even the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.

Just like its competition, the Xperia P will come with some rather interesting features, among which we can remember the dual core processor running at 1 Ghz, the whole GB of RAM memory and the rather impressive 16 GB of internal storage space. Other specs include a qHD, 4 inches wide 540 x 960 pixel resolution screen which will probably be of the Super LCD variety just like on its bigger Xperia S brother. The Xperia P will also come with an 8 MP camera on the back capable of 1080p video recording and support for all the popular wireless standards including NFC. The best part is that all of these goodies will be packed in a rather classy and good looking aluminium shell, much like the ones HTC use in their unibody designs eve on the One S.

As far as the software is concerned, the Xperia P will come with Android 2.3 gingerbread out of the box, but it should receive an Android 4.0 ICS update in the very near future after its launch. Sony may have also decided to delay the launch of its new device by a couple of weeks in order to ship it with Android 4.0 ICs from the factory, but we can’t know that for sure until some store or carrier actually releases the device.

So, if you live in UK and if you fancy one Xperia P without any kind of contract or other commitment you should simply save a little bit of money and be prepared to pre order one as soon as they arrive at either Expansys or Clove, as I am sure that this particular device will manage to sell in some great numbers if the performance is well suited to the very nice design.