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Unofficial CyanogenMod Spotted On T-Mobile’s Galaxy S4

It’s been a while since Galaxy S4 was released and just before its launch date, rumors started flow on whether or not CyanogenMod is going to be available for this smartphone. It all started with a CyanogenMod member who claimed that there won’t be any support for Galaxy S4 but soon after, on the official Google Plus page of CM a post was made claiming that no decision was made in that direction and the member of CM hasn’t speak in the name of the organization. But that was back then, as now we are going to turn our attention towards T-Mobile Galaxy S4 who is out for a couple of days and it seems to be the first version who will enjoy CM.

The unofficial version was made public via a screenshot through the same Google Plus platform by CyanogenMod founder, Steve Kondick and it bought joy for every Galaxy S4 owner who has waited for this moment since the launching day of the Android based smartphone. Now even if this screenshot is a good news for T-Mobile customers, not the same thing apply to other S4 owners for other US carriers. But this is a good news for them too, as they might experience CM for their S4 sooner then expected.

According to Steve Kondick, the screen shot was his first attempt for the custom ROM and as soon as it it is going to be finished and checked for bugs, it will be made available for everybody who would like to change the experience of S4. The progress of the first day of work was incredible as CM could be successfully introduced on S4 and most of the functions are running, including radio function. Anyway, we’re waiting for the official version and we’re excited to see that CM Crew is working hard and quick to provide the custom ROM everybody wants. Maybe soon enough other Galaxy S4 versions form other carriers will have their share of CM, not only T-Mobile.