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Unroot Oppo Find 7a and Go Back to Stock Android OS

Gaining root access on your Oppo Find 7a represents an important operation to complete especially if you want to unlock the true potential of your Android based smartphone. But, in some situations you might have to revoke the root access in order to go back to stock Android firmware and for reinstalling the stock and factory programs and restrictions on your phone. Thus, if you have to complete a safe and secure unroot operation for your Oppo Find 7a, you are in the right place – for further info don’t hesitate and check the guidelines from below.

We all know the reasons why any Android user should gain root access on his smartphone or tablet. But why to unroot your phone? Well, first of all, unrooting implies in restoring your Oppo Find 7a back to stock Android OS. So, basically by completing this operation that’s exactly what you will achieve: restoring your device back to its initial state. Thus, if you have recently updated your Find 7a with a buggy custom ROM or if your device is running with lugs, bugs and if you are experiencing heating issues, force close problems or battery drain situations, the best will be to unroot and downgrade to stock Android OS.

This tutorial is also perfect for those who have soft bricked their Oppo Find 7a. Usually, the soft related issues can be resolved with a factory reset / hard reset. But, if you just can’t manage to fix your bricked Android device, you need to revoke root access, install stock recovery and go back to official / stock Android firmware. In our case, you will flash stock ColorOS on your Oppo Find 7a by using dedicated procedures. As you can see, using this guide might be useful in various situations, so the best will be to bookmark this page, just in case.

You should note that this guide represents an official operation though the warranty of your device will not be restored once your flash the stock Android OS on your Oppo Find 7a. Therefore, you can consider this guide as a troubleshoot operation that can be used for manually fixing a soft bricked or damaged smartphone and not just another custom operation that can be risky for your device.

If possible, before heading towards the proper unroot method, backup your data. Since you will go back to stock firmware, everything that’s saved on the internal storage memory of your phone will be erased – similar with what happens when you hard reset your Oppo Find 7a. Therefore, if you think that you might need or use some data, personal info or accounts after completing this tutorial, first use a cloud service or compatible backup and restore apps – in this way you can even save your contacts, call logs, market apps, internet settings and even the current ROM by making a Nandroid backup.

You will have to use a computer, your phone and your phone’s USB cable in order to safely complete all the steps from below. Also, for avoiding unpleasant situations and for making things right you need to apply the pre requisites from below:

  • On the computer you are using, temporarily deactivate all the antivirus, antimalware and Firewall software because the security protection might interfere with the unroot process and you might also have hard time when trying to download the required files.
  • On your phone go to “menu – settings – developer options” and enable the USB debugging option – achieve this if you want to be able to establish a proper connection between your Oppo Find 7a and your computer.
  • Charge your phone if there is less than 50% power left; it is important to complete this step because you can brick your phone if it gets turned off in the middle of the flashing operation.
  • It should be clear for you by now that this unroot step by step guide is compatible only with the Oppo Find 7a smartphone. It is not recommended to use the steps from below for similar or different Android based tablets or phones.

How to Unroot Oppo Find 7a and Go Back to Stock Android OS

Install Stock Recovery

  1. Enter fastboot mode on your device.
  2. In order to do so, first turn off your device (press power button and select “power off” or press and hold power key for about 5 or 6 seconds).
  3. Then press and hold Power and Volume Up keys for a few seconds; fastboot mode should be then displayed.
  4. Connect your Oppo with your computer via USB cable.
  5. Download Find 7 Recovery Installer app from here.
  6. Run the executable file and wait while stock recovery image is being flashed on your Find 7a.

Install Stock ColorOS firmware and revoke root access

  1. From here download the stock firmware on your computer and save the same on desktop.
  2. Connect your devices and transfer the .zip file on the root of your device’s storage (not inside any other folders, just on the internal storage itself. Do not extract it, leave it as a .zip).
  3. Unplug the USB cord and turn off your phone.
  4. Enter recovery mode on your Android device.
  5. From recovery select “wipe data factory reset”, “wipe cache partition” and “wipe dalvick cache”.
  6. Up next choose “Install zip from SD card” and apply the software.
  7. In the end go back to main menu of recovery and select “reboot system now”.

So there you have it; you have successfully unrooted your Oppo Find 7a by installing stock recovery and stock firmware on your phone. If you have experienced issues while performing the steps from above, use the comments area from below and share your problems. We will try to assist you as soon as possible with the best troubleshoot solutions.