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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Getting Android 4.3 I337UCUEMK2 OTA Update

After both AT&T and US Cellular rolled back the Android 4.3 update for Samsung Galaxy S4, the folks at AT&T have reissued the software update, which, according to them, it should hit your devices staring today.

The Android 4.3 I337UCUEMK2 OTA update that is now being pushed to the AT&T Galaxy S4 seems identical to the one that was rolled back a few days ago to allow Samsung ant AT&T “investigate some issues.”

If you didn’t get to update your AT&T Galaxy S4 to Android 4.3 when the update was first released, the new software will weigh 727 MP, so you’ll probably need a stable WiFi connection in order to download it. In case you already installed Android 4.3 on your handset the new update will have a size of only 28 MB. Whether it’s the 727 MB or the 28 MB update your device will be running Android 4.3 I337UCUEMK2 after you install the new software.

You probably know by now that all software updates are being rolled out in phases and that there’s no reason to panic if you didn’t receive the system update notification yet. This only means that will have to wait a few more days. In case you want to check for the update manually, you know the drill: Settings > More > About Phone > Software Update > Check for updates.

Since we are talking about switching from Android 4.2.2 to Android 4.3 you will find that there will be quite a few improvements. Besides Galaxy Gear compatibility, the Android 4.3 I337UCUEMK2 OTA for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 will bring Samsung Knox, TRIM support, revised TouchWiz interface, improved system speed, bug fixes, better battery life, and many other goodies.

Did you grab the 4.3 update on your Galaxy S4? Are there any AT&T Galaxy S4 owners reading this?

  • Edge of Surreality

    Twice my update has aborted at 25% and does not allow me to try again for 24 hours. My Galaxy S4 is 32GB version from at&t and is NOT modified or rooted. I have Extended Wi-Fi and was right next to the router when receiving the update. Is there any way to get the update again without waiting a whole day?

    • Christopher

      I had the same problem. You can either wait for them to release the next batch or set your time 1 day ahead and check again for updates.

      • Edge of Surreality

        Did your update finish? I tried setting the clock ahead a day but it timed out even sooner…now when I reset the date it says I cannot try again for 48 hours! If successful, How many times did you have to force it to download?

    • colpliscol

      I had a similar problem. I reset my calendar date 7 times, up to Dec 7 before the update went through. the only thing I did differently on the last try was to remove my external SD card prior to the update attempt and it may have helped. The only problem I’ve had is that since the update my phone isn’t reconnecting automatically to my home Netgear router. I’ve deleted the Wi-Fi profiles, tried using a static IP and nothing has helped. I have to reset my phone or reset my router to get a reconnection. In other words, if I have a connection in either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz Wi-Fi and leave my house, when I return home the phone will not reconnect. Anybody else having a similar issue? Amy solutions?

  • dasocialmisfit

    I’m really tired of this bs I waited three hours for my download to finish just to have the installion stop at 58%

  • Edge of Surreality

    Finally got the update to complete. Set date to 12-31-13. It still timed out at different intervals 3 times but each time restarted where it left off instead of giving me the 24 hour hold. Verified 4.3 now running…Unfortunately it reset all my notifications to on and reset all sounds to defaults. Now waiting on Kit Kat -hopefully soon!

  • Cary Zeringue

    To all having issues. Connect your charger and dont let your phone go to sleep. My download was pretty quick. 727.56 mb took only 1 hour. If you still have problems try kies or odin.