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How to Update Motorola Droid Bionic to Official 5.9.905 Gingerbread ROM

The Motorola Droid Bionic users can now start to update their phones, as the new 5.9.905 firmware has just been leaked. This is the official version of the update, but you will not be able to OTA apply the same, as Motorola hasn’t released the software yet. Therefore, for learning how to manually install the 5.9.905 ROM on your Droid Bionic you should follow this step by step guide. We will be checking the pre requisites too, so you have all the info needed for succeeding in upgrading your beloved smartphone.

The Droid Bionic is a beautiful handset that features a large 4.3 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen and offers decent to high end specs, such as a dual core 1 GHz Cortex-A9 processor, 1 GB RAM, an 8 MP camera and the Android Gingerbread OS. As you can see, an update is more than welcomed for this device. But, don’t expect to receive the Ice Cream Sandwich as you will be disappointed once more. The 5.9.905 is just another improved version of Gingerbread that comes to resolve the bugs from the previous 5.9.902 update. Furthermore, there are no words about the possible release of ICS, so the only way for getting the latest version of Android will be by flashing a custom ROM, but this is making you lose the phone’s warranty.

So for those who want to avoid unpleasant situations, I recommend to install the 5.9.905 firmware and just wait for further OS improvements. Remember that the present update hasn’t been released yet so you must manually apply it on your Bionic. To do so, you will have to download and use some apps, but we will discuss about this during the proper steps. But, before commencing the same, you need to check the pre requisites.

It’s essential to backup the data from your handset. In this way you can keep your personal saves in safe hands, as the installation procedure will require a full wipe of the system. For completing a full and safe backup I recommend you to get SMS backup and restore apps, Call log backup and restore tools, sync with Google and use the cloud for storing the contacts, use a computer for saving files like images or videos and backup the current ROM by checking this step by step guide. After securing your data you can perform the operations from the following list:

  • On the computer you will use disable the antivirus tools and gain admin rights along with the active USB ports with full read / write access; do the same (deactivate the security apps) to your phone.
  • Then, charge the device as the process will require some amount of power and you must keep your handset turned on.
  • For using and connecting the smartphone with the PC you must enable the USB debugging option. Go to “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”. Do this when the handset is not plugged in with the computer.

Finally you can start doing what you have been planned from the beginning. I will start detailing the steps, so be careful and follow my directions; try not to do things by yourselves and don’t apply this tutorial for updating other similar Android powered devices.

How to Update Droid Bionic with Official 5.9.905 Gingerbread ROM

  1. Download the update file from here and place it to the PC.
  2. Do the same with the RSD Lite 5.6 (download link here) app.
  3. You should have the Motorola Drivers installed on the computer.
  4. Connect the device with the PC.
  5. Run the RSD tool.
  6. On the window that opens press on the “. . .” tab and search / choose the FXZ file.
  7. Wait and when prompted choose “Uncompress and Start Flashing”.
  8. That’s all you need to do, as the device is being updated.
  9. In the end it will reboot and restart in recovery mode.
  10. From there just select “reboot system now” and remove the USB cord for un-plugging the phone from the computer.
  11. If something isn’t working as presented, you will have to re-do all the steps from the beginning.

So, that was pretty all. You had to follow just a few steps, as the RSD Lite program made all your work. Remember that the 5.9.905 Gingerbread ROM is the official update coming from Motorola for your Droid Bionic, but it can be flashed only manually as it hasn’t been yet released. Give it a try and tell us if everything is working as it should. Also share with us the possible bugs from the system. Check our posts from the news section as we will update you with fresh info about when you will be able to OTA apply this update on your Droid Bionic.

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