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Update Galaxy Ace S5830i with Jelly Bean 4.1.1 based Jellyblast Custom ROM

When it comes to custom ROMs firmware, the Galaxy Ace users can choose from a long list of updates, though they should be aware that not all the OS improvements are working properly. Also, not all the ROMs can be installed on both versions of the device, the S5830i and the S5830, therefore you must check the compatibility first. Anyway, today, I will teach you how to update the S5830i variant of the Galaxy Ace to Jelly Bean 4.1.1 OS and this by installing the Jellyblast custom ROM firmware.

As you know, there won’t be any official OTA updates (Android 4.1 based ones) released by Samsung for the Galaxy Ace handsets due hardware limitations, so if you want to experience the latest Android flavor on your smartphone all you have to do is to learn how to update it with a custom ROM software. Now, I recommend you to flash the latest ROMs available because these are usually the most stable versions of the unofficial updates. The same can be applied for the Jellyblast software, as according to those who had tried and tested the platform, the OS is smoothly working and there are no bugs or issues in the system.

This ROM was developed and also tested on a Galaxy Ace S5830i handset by those of xda-developers so we have them to thanks for the present step by step guide. This means one thing only: you cannot OTA or by using KIES apply the Jelly Bean based Jellyblast firmware on your Galaxy Ace, you need to follow and perform a manual operation for the same. Here I will help you out with the next steps and with the proper tutorial which will be explained just a little bit later as first you need to prepare your smartphone for the installation that will follow.

It will be a good idea to start your work with a backup. Yes, unfortunately this means that all of your personal info will be wiped out. You cannot avoid this as the Android 4.1.1 OS can be updated on your Galaxy Ace only after a full wipe is being performed. So, take your time, and maybe use our suitable backup and restore guides, and save the messages, the contacts, the call logs, the EFS, internet settings and even the current ROM. Of course if you need to backup images or videos all you have to do is to use a computer or an external SD card.

Then, root and install a custom recovery image on your Ace. Well, first you will have to gain root access as only after that you will be able to flash a complex app such as CWM recovery. Use a tutorial for gaining root access, because the warranty will get void and you don’t want to mess things up when it comes to your phone. Well, that’s all related to the root access, more about how to use CWM recovery being explained during the proper steps. Not to forget, the warranty can be restored but only by downgrading to the stock ROM.

Just before we begin the installation guide, you must ensure that you can use a computer, your phone and its USB cord. On the PC that you will use go and deactivate the Firewall and antivirus protection; do the same for your Galaxy Ace. Then, enable the USB debugging option on your phone and charge the battery if there is less than 60% power left. Remember to backup the data and root and install a custom recovery image on your handset. Also, do not update a similar device with the Samsung Galaxy Ace model number S5830i, because you will be surprised to notice that it will get bricked.

How to Update Galaxy Ace S5830i with Jelly Bean 4.1.1 based Jellyblast Custom ROM Firmware

  1. Use the link from here and download the Jelly Bean update file.
  2. Save it on your computer.
  3. Connect the Ace with the PC (you need the USB cord for that).
  4. Take the downloaded file from step 1 and copy it to the phone’s SD card.
  5. Unplug the USB cable and turn off the handset.
  6. Enter in recovery mode.
  7. You can manage to do that by holding and pressing the Menu and Power buttons at the same time.
  8. One the recovery mode menu is being displayed, use it and choose the next options: “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition” (remember to backup the data before applying this step).
  9. Then, select “+++go back+++” and return to the main menu.
  10. From there, select “install zip from SD card” followed by “choose zip from SD card”.
  11. You can now select the downloaded file and flash the same on your Galaxy Ace.; we are almost done.
  12. Wait until the process is over (a couple of minutes) and in the end select “+++go back+++” and “reboot system now”.
  13. That’s all.

So, what do you think? It wasn’t that hard after all. In fact there are more pre requisites than actual steps, but this is the only way for safely updating the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i to Jelly Bean 4.1.2. All this was possible thanks to those of xda-developers who had provided the Jellyblast Custom ROM Firmware for us. Test the new software and use the comments are for sharing your impressions and conclusions with us and with other Android users.

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  • Menace

    Do not try this….I tried upgrading as instructed here and updated…my phone to fails to boot. Even tried removing the battery still no luck…any way to revert back?

  • rujo505

    work on s5830i or not?

  • gege3

    didn’t work on my Galaxy..Followed all steps and in the end I only have start-Screen..please help@adminstrator 🙁

  • anurag

    good job..
    nice update works fine on my s5830

  • anurag

    remember guys

    1 root your phone.

    2 by CWM recovery backup your all data

    3 then select “wipe data factory reset” and then“wipe cache partition”

    4. now install zip from sd card named ”JELLYBLASTV3.0.3_Ported_For_S5830I.zip”

    after installation reboot your phone
    n then enjoy…

    • akash

      i have updated my galaxy ace s5830i wid jelly been as mentioned by you
      bt my ear phone are not working wid jelly been please help…

      • same predicarment please aid

        • Samar Singh

          download soundabout app from play store

          • Trizzy Ranjan

            what ??? soundabout…i did it but it still doent read…..my headset

          • George Francis

            download soundabout an install..press ok an u enter settins…..
            its all urs from there.
            note;media an fone u either let app decide or set wit wat u hav manually,wired headset wit mike etc

          • George Francis

            let me kno if it works,cause its workin but not wit radio so im still tryna fix dat

        • George Francis

          soundabout app on playstore,install press ok an media an fone settins choose let app decide

      • George Francis

        soundabout app on playstore:install press ok media an fone settins choose let app decide

    • Shankar

      can you share the download link for ELLYBLASTV3.0.3_Ported_For_S5830I.zip

  • Nitin Sharma

    what are the de merits of doing this ….
    will this work on my galaxy ace S5830i …….

  • Ali

    it didn’t work because your instructions are not complete, you must first install CWM recovery on your rooted ACE i, so i will tell the instructions:

    1- put the rom file on SD directory

    2- turn your phone off

    3- click on middle button+home button+the volume up key to boot in recovery mode

    4-you must have installed CWM recovery on ur phone and you must kept it in the SD directory

    5- click the home button to select, the volume keys to scroll up and down

    7- click install .zip from SD card

    8- don’t select the rom zip but select CWM recovery

    9- click wipe data

    10- scroll down and click yes

    11- click wipe data partition

    12- scroll down and click yes

    13-click reboot system now

    14-turn your phone off again

    15-click on middle button+home button+the volume up key to boot in recovery mode

    16- click install .zip from SD card
    17- click on the rom file and wait
    18-click rebbot system now
    19- enjoy
    it is very nice rom

    • Menace

      What do you mean by CWM Recovery file? How do i create such file or where can get it?

      • Zaeem

        Google “CWM.zip” for Ace.

    • akash

      i have done what you said evrything is wrking bt ear phone are not working…ples help…i have ace s5830i

    • i have done what you said evrything is wrking bt ear phone are not working…ples help…i have ace s5830i

  • rujo505

    link 2 sd not working why? i have 2 part on sd…

    • Zaeem

      You did not format the partition before installing JellyBlast.

  • rujo505

    /dev/block/mmcblk0p2:device not found

  • s5830i

    I have flashed the rom and it works well but I downloaded atom luancher to use it (which works on android V4.0 and higher) it dosenot istalled IS IT REAL JELLY BEAN ??? or what is the problem

  • Menace

    The custom rom did work on my S5830i (please ignore my earlier comment). It took a lot of time to boot and I panicked 🙂
    However I still see some very critical bugs in this update:
    1) Email (ActiveSync) doesn’t work – fails to open
    2) Headphones don’t work, unable to use FM Radio and take calls with headphones on.
    3) Google two-step verification doesn’t work – had to disable the verification in google account setting to add my Google account
    4) Gallery doesn’t show my picasa photos
    5) Google Music doesn’t show my songs stored online. Had to install again from market, but now I see two apps of Google music.
    6) Maxthon browser showing up as Chrome – I hate mobile maxthon browser.

    I’m still trying to see if any other functionality is broken.

    Hoping to see fixes for the above mentioned bugs.

    • Tareq.fl

      took a lot of time to boot on jelly bean logo ? because me too i tried a lot ;/ nad its still stuck maybe i should wait longer ?

  • aakash khanvilkar

    That is awsome rom….
    but lock screen wallpaper not changing…. !
    please tell me the solution?.

  • gt-s5830i

    its not booting…it is just showing the boot animation a couple of times

  • faad

    guys realy its working
    do with cwm its better

    • sharaf

      i cant access my my sim contcts… help me…pls

  • Roop

    I upgrated my s5830i to jellyblast v3 everything is ok but i cant hear sound on earphone will somebody help me

    • Augustine Chen

      i hav the same fone …..even i installed jelly blast v3 bt evrythin is workin except my fone is nt vibrating even if i am switching it to vibration mode… 🙁 does anyone hav an idea how to solve it??

    • akash

      bro if u get the solution than ples let me also know as i also have the same phone and have the same prob wid ear phones…smeone pls help….

      • George Francis

        download soundabout on playstore…

    • Rupsu

      same happening to me. . . help me too. . .

      • George Francis

        soundabout on playstore

    • George Francis

      download soundabout on playstore

  • Aub

    I’ve installed this ROM and it’s working great, but I’m having some problems with background/font colours. Sometimes I have white font on white background, in Gmail I have read msgs with white background and unread with grey (i.e. wrong way round)

    Is this general? I’ve reinstalled it and it’s still the same? Is there a setting I’ve missed or ????

    Please help

  • is this really works ? does there any implications if users use this custom firmware ?

  • Augustine Chen

    why is m phone vibration nt wrking aftr installing jelly blast???

    • Zaeem

      Go to settings. And then then in Vibration, Tick ” Always Vibrate”.

  • zhaen

    GPS not working….

  • Robin

    My sim contacts are not shown….i am sure the contacts are there in my sim…But when i try to import it,it shows EMPTY!!!!….
    Can someone Please Help me….

    • sathesh

      reset ur phone

      • Ak

        You mean factory Reset?

    • sanju

      same problem what is the solution

    • George Francis

      settinns ..disply options an u in

  • Ayush

    fuck you i do all u said….but fuck
    it stuck on start screen which shows jelly bean logo transformed into jellyblast and after that nothing happend
    i retry 4 times

    • Tareq.fl

      same thing is happening to me too

    • Rupsu

      b cool. .. first do factory data reset and cache partition. after that apply update frm sd cadr and reboot it. . .

    • George Francis

      how long u waited…takes awhile.
      first time i did it i thought i did shit and redid da flash only 2 c da same result..giv it bout 5-10mins or so

  • akash

    i have updated my galaxy ace s5830i wid jelly been as mentioned by you bt my ear phone are not working wid jelly been please help…

    • George Francis

      dounload soundabout…no radio doh

  • Mikael

    After using this custom my phones imie and serialnumber is wiped.. 🙁

  • shajahnmuhsin

    how to ota update galaxy ace s5830i
    jelly bean

  • Arun

    after updating the netwotk selection is not working in manual & automatic mode…So i’m not getting tower…

    • Arun

      It’s AIRTEL sim…

      • sayan

        same prob here…

  • Subash Chadrabose

    good ROM it really working on my Samsung
    Galaxy Ace S5830i……….

    • kekeas

      i install it 3 hours is over and intallation was not complete
      how much time was taken in this process? plz help me

      • Zaeem

        3 hrs??? It takes not more than 5 minutes…Something’s wrong.

        • Ritesh

          dud headst not working

    • Rupsu

      i have one prob. . . everythng is working properly bt it doesnt read network. . . only indicates emergency calls. . . plzzz help me. . .

  • Tareq.fl

    i did everything listed above but the boot is stuck at the jelly bean why ?? what should i do

    • Rupsu

      first do factory data reset and cache partition. . .
      after dat u select “update from sd card” and reboot it. . . it will work. . . first of all dont forget to take the backups of ur data. . .

  • hey i installed jelly blast on my s5830i but it does not read network and always say emergency calls only please tell me how to fix it

    • Rupsu

      same problem with me. . . if u get it then plz help me too. . .

      • what this article did not state is that you needed to install galaxy toolbox and backup the folder that holds all this information. I am not sure if there is a way around this

      • George Francis

        galaxy toolbox app on google play

    • sayan

      same prob here wht i will do now??

    • Jagrut Bhoir

      hey your problem are solved or not

      • sop

        i think u lost ur imei ???
        check ur imei no exists r it shows unknown….

        • George Francis

          no imei…use galaxy toolbox

    • George Francis

      do it over ..cause i did it an i get minor bugs dat u can tweak urself

      • mayur

        george sir,i update 5830i but contact list not support in mobile,any other mobile sim inset contact list display pls help

    • nayan

      Pl help me….
      To update my ace..5830i….

  • Ke Ke As

    how much time shoild taken in this process ?

  • Ke Ke As

    how much time should be taken in this process ?

  • ty so fucking much ;D

  • Ibrahim


    • Shashank Kapse

      unfortunatly u have bricked ur phone

  • Ye Pyae Kyaw

    I’ve updated that ROM successfully. But after 3 days, I found Samsung Secret Codes in Settings Panel . In that , I found touch firmware code. I entered it and touched updated icon . After that it said Update Failed and my touch screen doesn’t work . Please , help me . What could I do ?

  • Rupsu

    everything is ok but the one and main problem is i cant register sim card. . . i can even use internet bt i cant make calls, cant ckeck balance. always it says emergency calls. plz help me. . . i dont have ny other cell to use my sim. . . plz plz plz help me. . .

    • Amith

      i had the same prolm bro… Do u fix it??

      • solairajan m

        same problemfor

    • George Francis

      man u plain fuckin cheap…get da fuck off da net

  • chillax

    vada poochi

  • Go download the app SoundAbout , restart. If headphoes didnt work, it will now, well it worked for me !
    Please Reply if it worked, want to know.

    • ereymd

      i already download soundabout but eveytime i wan t to use earphone i’ve to setting manually in soundabout ‘media audio’…and very sad i cannot enjoy my FM Radio anymore because my phone cannot detect earphone after using jelly blast

      • make sure that you have selected the ‘let phone decide’ option

    • u r heaven sent cheers

    • faiz912

      thanxx, thank u very much

  • BiH

    Handset not working …

    • George Francis

      buy a new 1…jus kiddin reflash

  • Alex

    This tutorial is great, but the link to download the zip file is broken. When I click it, the MediaFire page says the file has been deleted… Please fix this so I can install the Jelly Blast ROM on my phone!

  • prince

    hy guys shld i go 4 it or nt plz suggst me frnds

  • Zu

    This rom is not based on jelly bean. It is edited build.prop, and based on stock rom

  • shlok mittal

    guys i m thinking to root my ace…shal i?

  • Taher

    Guys I also think to update my s5830i can’i?

  • naren gurung

    hey i installed jelly blast on my s5830i but my earphone and usb drives doesnot works. plz tell me how to fix it plzz help me

    • George Francis

      if u read da disclaimer u would c dat there is sum bugs…an da driver pbm is cause by rootin ur fone.
      i suggest u do it over but make sure an root ur fone first ,member backup an restore

  • please help… i already rooted my galaxy ace s5830. then i tried to update my android. but after the update, i rebooted my phone, it doesnt work.. now i cant open my phone…

    • George Francis

      its brick ..google how 2 unbrick.
      its alot of research..trust me

  • Tim Karlo

    I clicked the Update in Touchscreen Firmware update and it failed . what im gonna do ? my touchscreen not working ..

    • George Francis

      da rom dont hav OTA so u will not get updates.
      if u upgrade a ps3 will u still hav da access as b4,i dont tink so cause u breached da warranty well its da same

  • Vashist Seegobin

    my phone is showing an ‘s’ repeatedly just before i have installed it. please help!!

  • Sonal

    Okay my phone doesn’t have a root access (Checked through a root checker) And i don’t want a backup. So is it necessary for my phone to be rooted, if yes then how? Device Galaxy ace s5830i

    • George Francis

      google how 2 root ur device by model an yes it havta b rooted.
      da root gives access 2 upgrade

  • Orbit

    i want to upgrade my galaxy ace s5830i . Is it safe

    Plz Plz Plz Plz tell me….

    • George Francis

      its a risk..but once u follow da directions proper u will only encounter minor bugs dat u can tweak urself,an member 2 root ur fone b4…oh an download cwm recovery dont open these files wen downloaded cause dats where da pbms occur…..gd luck

  • Jon Perianes

    JellyBlast is a 2.3.6 rom. All crazes.

  • himanshu

    unable to find download link :/

    • Adriangiil

      same for me 😡

  • Puneet Kaul

    i already install this. i want to more upgrade upto 4.1.1 to 4.2.2 pls help me to do.

  • Zafar Iqbal Khan

    I have upgraded my phone (SGA S-5830i) and it’s working fine, Thanks a lot Guys

  • tush

    where is the link to dwnld d update

  • Azim

    hey i installed jelly blast on my s5830i but it does not read network and always say emergency calls only please tell me how to fix it

  • Alex

    I have problems with google play services. I’ve intalled them manualy and from Play Store but no luck.

  • SaM

    Working Perfectly 😀 !!!!! (y)

    • Aqsa Siddique

      Is your wifi working?


    hey i installed jelly blast on my s5830i BUT ITS NOT UPDATING

  • Vishal Bavishi

    I have solution to all those who have lost their EMI number. Contact me at vishal.bavishi@schaeffler.com

  • firas

    i can’t see the link for download ?

  • X-?hwe?xy ???n?eXx

    i cannot able to hear sound with handsfree plzz help me

  • paul

    my samsung s5830i says update when i do wot it says it dosent do anything just says applying multi csc

  • ALEX

    please send me the custom rom file to my email thanks for every one send me the file

  • rd7

    where is the link?

  • Shadat Hossan Ctg

    Use the link from here and download the Jelly Bean update file.>>>>>.where is the link………???????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Lorie Anne

    if i do this will i be able to download apps that are only available for jelly bean and higher adroid?

  • niks

    where i can download THIS ROM??????????????????????????????

    • Mark Kaizer DC Samson

      sir how if i want to take back original version of galaxy ace s5830i but i dintd doqnload cwm how can i do that please…help me…

  • Beginner

    how long it takes to boot???

  • Joe Jack

    where is the link ??

  • JhonRo

    Ime have similary problem whit my Kyros tablete 56021 android no started, Ime pluget sd card in the tablete in recovery mod, error : no fond recovery images for Sd card. Pls helpme with solutions. Tancks.

  • jubi

    where is the link ???????????? man??

  • siraj


  • Samran Esmail

    wheres the link??????????????????????????//


    hey i installed jelly blast on my s5830i but it does not read network and always say emergency calls only please tell me how to fix it

  • rahulsarkar

    how i download it
    its not showing download link

  • rahulsarkar

    how i download it
    its not showing download link